Kiwi mojitos

Kiwi mojito

These refreshing kiwi mojito cocktails are made with ripe kiwis, lime juice, mint leaves, sugar or simple syrup, sparkling water, rum, and ice. Mojitos, from the classic to the fruity variations, are one of my favorite cocktails for summer. They’re easy to make, refreshing, and can be made with a variety of different fruits. Plus, since my mint crop expands every year I have to make sure I put all that mint to good use. I’ve also decided to rename my mint plants and simply call them mojito plants. [read more]

Latin chopped salad with hearts of palm, jicama, and avocado

Latin chopped salad with hearts of palm

This recipe for a refreshing Latin chopped salad with hearts of palm (or palmito) also has jicama, avocado, orange slices, cucumber, radishes, red onions, and salad greens. This mixed tropical salad is topped with a creamy avocado cilantro lime dressing, crunchy chips, and crumbled queso fresco. Hearts of palm, called palmitos in Spanish, are a very popular salad component in Latin America. You can find them brined in jars/canned at most grocery stores. [read more]

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Passion fruit strawberry popsicles or paletas de fresa y maracuya

Strawberry passion fruit popsicles {Paletas de fresa y maracuya}

Easy recipe for homemade strawberry passion fruit popsicles {paletas de fresa y maracuya}, these refreshing popsicles can be made with layers of strawberry juice and passion fruit juice, or using a mix of diced strawberries with passion fruit juice. [read more]