Strawberry passion fruit popsicles {Paletas de fresa y maracuya}

Strawberry passion fruit paletas

These homemade strawberry passion fruit popsicles {paletas de fresa y maracuya} are perfectly refreshing and this fruity combination is one of my all-time favorites. These passion fruit strawberry popsicles can be prepared a few different ways: I made some with layers of strawberry juice and passion fruit juice, and also made some using a mix of diced strawberries in passion fruit juice. A third option is to mix the strawberry and passion fruit juices together.

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Mango lemonade or limeade

Mango lemonade or mango limeade

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This easy and simple refreshing mango lemonade or limeade is made with ripe mangoes, lemon or lime juice, sugar/honey, water, and ice. You can use either lemons or limes depending on your preference, or a mix of both. I am a citrus fan and used a decent amount for this drink, but you can adjust based on the amount of lemons/limes you have on hand. My husband could easily drink this without any added sugar, but I do like a little bit of sweetness so I add sugar or honey – the honey works great with the mango and citrus. I recommend adding some sugar/honey while blending the drink, then taste and adjust to your taste. [read more]

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Tuna fish ceviche

Tuna fish ceviche {Ceviche volquetero}

Recipe for tuna fish ceviche, also known as ceviche volquetero, an Ecuadorian ceviche made with canned tuna fish, onions, tomato, lime juice, cilantro, and served on a platter with chifles or green plantain chips, chochos (lupini beans), toasted corn nuts, and hot sauce. [read more]