Champagne and strawberry ice cubes

Champagne strawberry ice cubes

These easy to make champagne and strawberry ice cubes are another one of my fun ice cube ideas. And maybe also the result of owning more cool shaped ice cube trays than I need. Plus, I love champagne or any bubbly sparkling wine. Champagne and strawberries are a perfect combination for these ice cubes. You can make them using regular square or rectangle shaped ice cubes, or make use of those heart/star/igloo/fish/diamond/etc shaped trays that (like me) you bought a while ago and always forget to use. [read more]

Crab deviled eggs

Crab deviled eggs recipe

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These easy and tasty crab deviled eggs are made with a creamy filling of crab meat, onions, bell pepper, radish, cucumber, cilantro, lime, cumin, mayonnaise, and mustard. Deviled eggs remind me of my grandmother in Texas. She used to make them for family get togethers, holidays, or sometimes just because. I had to use all my self-restraint to not eat the entire tray, and now when I make them I see my kids going through the same struggle, always begging for one more. I love a simple classic deviled egg, but sometimes it’s fun to change the flavors and try something different. I love crab salad and thought it would be a perfect filling for deviled eggs. I think I was right.

Crab stuffed deviled eggs

Crab salad deviled eggs Recipe for crab deviled eggs
These crab deviled eggs are a great appetizer for a party, but you really don’t need an event as an excuse to make them. Do like my wonderful grandmother and make them just because, your kids (or your own inner kid) will thank you. And obviously, when you have leftover eggs from Easter, there is no reason not to try this variation of deviled eggs filled with crab. [read more]

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Hard apple cider sangria recipe made with hard apple cider, assorted fall/winter fruits (apples, pears, persimmon, figs, grapes, plums, oranges, pomegranate, and more), spiced ginger simple syrup, apple liqueur, sparkling wine and dry apple soda. [read more]
Latin style Bloody Mary ceviche

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