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My name is Layla Pujol, my family and friends call me Laylita. I was born in Vilcabamba, Ecuador and currently live in Seattle, WA. My husband, Nico, is from France and we have two adorable boys, Alex & Marc. My recipes are inspired mainly by traditional Ecuadorian dishes that I grew up eating in Ecuador. However, my love of food – and therefore the recipes posted here – go beyond Ecuador and include anything from Latin America, my mom’s spicy New Mexican cooking, my grandmother’s homemade Southwestern dishes and Texas style BBQ, my husband’s (and his family’s) delicious French food, new dishes introduced by my amazing group of international friends, and of course the great variety of seafood, vegetables and fruits available in the Pacific Northwest.

I am currently working on my first cookbook, which will focus on delicious Ecuadorian recipes (adapted to my style, of course!).
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If you have any questions or comments you can leave them in the comment section, or you can email me directly layla at laylita dot com


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  1. Dana Lurie says:

    I made seco de pollo tonight. OMG it was so good. So good in fact that my wife went back for seconds! I was wondering if I could freeze the leftovers. Thoughts?

  2. Hola Laylita,

    Intenté enviarte un email pero no fue posible. Quería en primer lugar felicitarte por el hermoso website que tienes. Siempre estoy chequeando tus recetas. Me encantan.

    En segundo lugar quería comentarte que hice referencia a tu sitio web en mi blog. Por favor cuéntame si estas de acuerdo. Puedes leer aquí mi más recuente blog.

    Referencia a tu website en:


    • Hola Gaby,

      Gracias por tu mensaje y por hacerle referencia a mi sitio en tu blog :)
      Que lindas tus fotos y todo lo que haces!
      Disculpas por lo del email, se me lleno el inbox mientras viajaba y al intentar arreglarlo termine borrando (accidentalmente) casi todos los emails del 2015.


  3. Hi Laylita. I am Canadian and my husband is Ecuadorian. Thank you so much for posting these delicious recipes. They are amazing and I am having fun trying them. My husband and kids are so happy too!

  4. Just back from a trip to Ecuador and this is the only place I’ve found a recipe for Aji Criollo though I wonder whether I’m going to be able to find tree tomatoes in the Twin Cities! The hacienda in the highlands where I had the sauce gave me a sketchy recipe for this wonderful accompaniment that I ended up putting on just about everything I ate during my 2-day stay. Muchos gracias!

  5. So glad to have stumbled across your blog! Can’t wait to try your recipes. You’ve really opened up a whole new world of flavours for me!

  6. Cuban Pete says:

    Hi From Miami, Fl Love your recipes, I made a few Ceviche’s and Chicken Chimichurri. They are easy and taste Great, my family enjoys them. Oh can’t forget about the Drinks to oo so good.

    • Hello today I bought 3 punnets of strawberries and when I got home I thought I won’t be able to eat all these! Apart from popping them in my champagne bubbles. So I looked online for a strawberry recipes and your strawberry cake came up. So I am baking it now. I will also check out a few more of your recipes and let my family and friends know about you in sunny Australia. Congratulations on the site, good for you.

  7. Rebecca says:

    Hi- I have been checking in on your blog since last year, but only recently “subscribed.” Your recipes look great, but your photography is fabulous! We visit, from the east coast, Seattle for 2-4 weeks every summer visiting my in laws in Seattle and San Juan. I love the food and climate and can see how you are inspired. Nice job with making the blog so pretty and interesting! Hard to do both with kids. My husband calls it Food Porn. Yup. Sign me up.

    See you at Uwajimaya!
    Best- Rebecca

  8. Rosa S. Washington says:


    Greetings from the Florida Keys! Love your blog! Will be trying some of your recipes.

  9. Hi, Laylita…My wife (from Loja) and I are big fans of your site. We spend a lot of time in Vilcabamba (at Le Rendevous) and I thought I would share a discovery I made recently.
    When we are in Ecuador, I love to have Huevos a la Copa for breakfast each morning. Our family’s maid knows how to cook the soft boiled eggs perfectly and she’s an expert at getting the eggs out of the shell and into a cup without pieces of eggshell in the eggs. I’ve tried repeatedly and I just can’t do this without wasting half the egg and/or eating a lot little pieces of shell.

    So, here’s my discovery. I take a ramekin that will hold two raw eggs. I spray the ramekin with Pam, crack two fresh eggs into the ramekin. I then place the egg-filled ramekin into the top of a steamer pan with cold water in the bottom part. I put the lid on and turn on the stove to the highest setting. I set the stove timer for 14 minutes. At the end of 14 minutes, I remove the ramekin with a large spoon, sprinkle with salt and pepper and I have the most delicious Huevos a la Copa I’ve ever tasted. Believe it or not, even better than what the maids do in Ecuador!!!

    And it’s so easy!!!

    I’ve also learned that after the Huevos a la Copa are made, you can easily steam hard boiled eggs by immediately adding eggs (with the shell on) to the hot steamer basket and steam them over medium/low heat for 20 minutes. Steaming make the hard cooked eggs easier to peel.

    P.S. You and your brother Ramon used to play with our daughters Jen and Kirsten at your home in Vilcabama during one of our visits to Ecuador!!! Jen lives in Portland, OR now with her husband Jon. They are fans of your site as well.

  10. Hello Layla,

    Nice to meet you and your family. First, Congrats, on your website, love your recipes, sound delicious, can’t wait to try them. Wish you lots and lots success. Oh, by the way, I have a granddaughter named Laila. Thank you for sharing.


  11. Beatriz Morales says:

    Hello from Mexicali, Mexico, I want to thank you cause I feel I want to start cooking again, my problem is that I have to cook for myself only and is not fun but with your recepies I want to taste all your plates recepies, specially the Chiplote cream and the dulce de leche ice cream, those two are my favorite, thanks again

  12. Hi Laylita
    I was referred by a friend to your site. WoW! Love your recipes! I just now subscribed via email.

  13. Don Miguel says:

    Congratulations for your cooking art! I also enjoy to cook. Tell me when you cookbook is ready. Thanks.

    Don Miguel,

    La Paz, Bolivia

  14. I have been following your site for a couple of years now. Made Mote Pillo following your recipe and it was great (even though we can’t get the mote the size I use now). Also made the Chaulafan, but I really load it up with every possible carne… res, cerdo, camarones, pollo, etc.

    I took two months of Spanish Language School at Simon Bolivar in Cuenca and loved every minute (except the homework… jajaja). I moved to Cuenca in September of 2013, got my visa and Cedula and have been todo tranquilo ever since. My wife will be joining me this summer for 4 weeks and permanently in 2015 after she completes her contract with the school system in Hillsboro, OR.

    Had my first ever bowl of Fanesca on Thursday, celebrating Holy Week here in Cuenca. It was great.

    Please keep up your good work as it’s fun to cook with fresh ingredients that I get at the mercado (10 de augusto in Cuenca) every week.

    ¡Muchas gracias! for sharing your expertise and love of cooking Ecuadorian. If you and Nico ever get to Cuenca on a home visit to Vilcabamba, please let me know, so we can all share a cup of cáfe at Don Colón’s in Cuenca :-)

  15. Wendy Edwards Scott says:

    Just love your website! We visited Ecuador last year and loved it. We spent one month and visited Quito, Cuenca, Guayaquil and Montanita.

    We look forward to your cookbook and trying your recipes which will remind us of the wonderful people and food that we enjoyed in Ecuador.

  16. Margarita Ramon says:

    I will be looking forward to your book! best of luck! I live in Germany now, used to lived in NY with my mom, so mom is not around sometimes when I have questions or tips for ecuadorian meals so I come here to find tips or recipes and other plates that are just amazing. I’m making pescado encocado today my German bf is looking forward to it, he is also an amazing cook, he always loves when I cook but when I made the humitas the other day as a cake, he was just like that’s the best thing I have ever ate! :)

  17. Hello Laylita!
    I found your blog a couple of years ago when I was trying to find some Ecuadorian recipes. You see though my grandmother, who is from Guayaquil, is still alive but we don’t exactly see eye to eye when we’re both cooking. So I had to learn to make traditional dishes on my own. I love her but we’re both too domineering in the kitchen. I have found every dish I ever remember her making while I was growing up. My favorite is and always will be humas though. So thank you so much! I too live in the Seattle area but I am originally from the Los Angeles area.
    Warm Regards,
    Alanna Argudo

  18. Clara Larco says:


    I simply want to say Thank You. My mother passed away when I was very young and (both parents immigrants from Guayaquil & Cuenca respectively) and my father knew how to make a few recipes…but finding your blog, making your recipes has brought the breath back into my home. Flavors I had forgotten from when my mother cooked for us brought memories rushing back, happy and sad. I, too, now live in the Seattle area and have a 2 year old daughter. I am joyfully raising her within a home full of the kind of love my mother brought via her cooking. This is my happiness. And I thank you for providing the vehicle for me to get here through your recipes. I anxiously await your cookbook and plan on making it a gift to my sisters, as well.


    Clara Larco

  19. Layla, podrias hablarnos de tu fotografia? Me encanta!

  20. Paulina Garces Reid says:


    SOS! Can I make hornado with Pork Shoulder??


  21. You are the reason I cook!!! I absolutely adore your blog, and you. Thank you soooo much for posting these delicious Ecuadorian recipes.

  22. Hola Laylita:
    Live in Quito for 2 plus year, your country is lovely, esp la gente y la comida — especialmente las sopitas!! I LOVE cooking the food here. I use M. Fried’s cookbook (she knows of you, she said) and I use your blog — it is very good. However, I cannot anywhere find the standard oil and lemon juice aji which I love the best. With chochos at El Pobre Diablo, they make the best.
    Do I have to ask them for the recipe?

    I lived in CHile for two years and made yummy pebre regularly and chimichurri, another favorite. WIth steaks and beef, es fabuloso… aji is very very good so please post a response because I want to make your aji! (Will try the maracuya recipe too)

    YOur site is wonderful except it is hard to find the COMMENTS section, even when I asked your site , no response. Please fix that?

    Hi Susan – Thank you for the comment, I love Michelle O. Fried’s book (or books as I think she has new one out that sounds amazing). I’m not familiar with the aji you are talking about, it might a specialty of that particular restaurant. I had a really good aji in Cuenca that was made with olive oil, aji peppers and garlic, almost like a spicy aji infused oil, not sure if it’s similar.

  23. laylita, awesome recipes from Ecuador. I was born in Guayaquil and love your website. making dulce de leche empanadas this evening for a party. thanks for your website, just love it.

  24. Hola Layita,
    My family and I just wanted to let you know how happy we are to have found your blog. I was born here in the US and my parents are from Quito. I love Ecuadorian food, I love to cook and I always wanted to learn to make traditional dishes, but my mom and I struggled with our recipe books because many of the ingredients are hard to find. This year we made colada morada and guaguas de pan for dia de Los muertos for the first time, all thanks to your blog! It all turned out great and I’m excited to keep trying our more dishes.

    Thank you!

    -Paola B.
    Los Angeles, CA

  25. Mila Talavera says:

    Hi Laylita,

    Thank you for all the great recipes! I luv the pictures, they really help! I was born in Peru and grew up in Southern California. I really enjoy the recipes as they are very similar to Peruvian dishes. I’ve made many of your recipes and they have all been a hit! The chimichurri has been such a huge hit, we are making it a lot! This is very helpful since one of my daughters doesn’t like the taste of cilantro and I didn’t have a good recipe that uses parsley. I’ll be making dulce the leche and chocolate empanadas this week! Thanks again, can’t wait for more recipes. Will you be adding a recipe for alfajores? Take care!

  26. Patricia Fantoni says:


    Muy buenos dias. Usted sabe de algun restaurante ecuatoriano en Seattle? Tengo un picnic internacional manana y tengo que llevar algo de mi pais, y sin tiempo para cocinar o buscar los ingredientes. Usted sabe?

    Le agradesco muchisimo


    • Hola Patricia – Lamentablemente no conozco ningun restaurant ecuatoriano por aqui. Quizas puede preparar una colada de avena (con jugo de piña en vez de naranjilla para que sea mas facil), es algo rapido y con ingredientes faciles de encontrar.

  27. Hola Layla, I love your website!! Great recipes and great presentation. I’m Colombian and my husband is Ecuadorean/Puerto Rican. I must say this is the best food recipe website I have ever seen. I never comment on blogs this is my first time ever that’s how much I loved your page. Thank you

  28. Juan Pablo Cuesta says:

    Cuando vi la foto de los niños con la camiseta de Barcelona Sporting Club me emocioné. Exelente página, las recetas son buenísimas. Arriba Ecuador!!!!! Un fuerte abrazo de un compatriota.

  29. Hola Laylita,

    Just found your blog while looking for traditional South American recipes. Fantastic. I live in Buenos Aires and am starting a little Boutique Hotel and Puerta Cerrada restaurant. Always looking for tasty new authentic dishes. If you ever fancy coming out this way we could trade nights in the hotel for a few exclusive Ecuadorian food nights cooked by you!!! I’m always interested in expanding the horizons of my friends and guests and am working with a number of chefs to achieve this. Un beso y gracias por las recetas. Y los platanos, de la puta madre…..jejeje

  30. Maritza says:

    Hi Laylita, I am in love with your website. I have a question: For the pastel de choclo, if I cut the recipe in a half, will the baking time still be the same?


    PS: By the way, I am ecuadorian too. Chone-Manabi. Living in Oregon, moving to Florida. Been to Seattle many times.

    • If the baking pan is half the size (square shaped) and the pastel is still about 2 inches thick (4-5cm) then it should take about 30-35 minutes. The thinner the layer of choclo mix, the quicker it will be done. If you touch the top and it feels springy (like a quiche), then it’s done.

  31. isadora auqui says:

    Thank you Laylita so much for these recipes my husband is from Azogues and I am Puerto Rican so i dont know how to make all the wonderful dishes he craves. He always talks about how much he misses his food from back home. I’ve learned a few easy recipes over the years from his family but you have given me the missing link because i only speak to them on the phone becuase they live in Ecuador still and when write it all down its not all clear to me. Im so glad you have step by step pictures to help me and it shows me how to serve it too. I cant thank you enough becuase i never knew how to make encebollado or guatita those are his all time favorite not to mention espumitas now i can suprise him with new recipes! i showed him your website he all ready has some recipes he wants me to make for the week! I hope to learn more when i go to Ecuador also but you are saving the trouble of waiting till I go to see his family. Are you in the process of making a book cuz I would love to buy one!

  32. Hola Layla, I just found your blog and I’m so glad I did! I spent some time in Ecuador years ago and still miss some of the food I ate there. I hope I can find the ingredients here in Germany. Muchas gracias!

  33. Hi Laylita!

    I absolutely love your blog. I’ve been trying to find a latin american blog with amazing recipes when I stumbled upon yours! This is an excellent blog. Love the step-by-step instructions with images!

    Do you happen to have a huacaina sauce? I found both a puree of aji amarillo and also the peppers.

    Thank you,


    Thanks! Will add the huancaina sauce to the list of recipes to post.

    • Mila Talavera says:

      Hi Daniela,

      Here’s a huancaina sauce recipe that my mother taught me.

      1 can Evaporated milk
      Unsalted saltine crackers
      1/2 lb Feta cheese
      1/2 to 1 teaspoon of aji amarillo paste/ puree
      1 garlic clove
      Turmeric powder (for color)

      Blend all ingredients. You’ll have to alternate the milk and crackers to work out the consistency. I use a little of Turmeric powder for the color, too much and it changes the taste. You can always add some salt if you like it more salty, but the Feta cheese is usually salted enough.

      Best of luck!

  34. Johnny Mero says:

    hi laylita

    omg you dont understand how happy i am that i found ur website i can finally eat the food i grew up with thank yoou so much


  35. S Martinez says:

    Hi Laylita –

    I just stumbled upon your website and I am so excited about it! Thank you for sharing these recipes and context to these foods. My family is Ecuadorian, I was born in NJ and now live in London. I’m in my mid-twenties but am not embarrassed to say I miss my mom’s cooking quite a bit and so recently decided to start making her dishes on my own. This website will definitely help with other Ecuadorian dishes.

    Warm regards from London!


    • Hi,

      I’m half English/Ecuadorian also living in London also mid-twenties and still to this day I have yet to taste anything as delicious as arroz, menestra y carne asada!

      Thank you Laylita for the recipes!

      Jessica :)

  36. Great website! Brings back memories from Ecuador!

  37. Laylita,

    Thank you for your website! I have been dating my boyfriend, from Guayaquil for 3 years, and I’m so thankful I stumbled on your site. I have been hoping to surprise him with a few traditional dishes that he enjoyed as a child, and now I have hundreds to choose from (:

    Cheers, from a fan in Seattle!

  38. Hi Laylita
    I absolutely love your web site and that you are so creative in combining different cuisines or just concentrating one one in your recipes. I hope you are making a living out of this great talent you have, I am sure that you will exceed greatly.
    Best of luck to you!

  39. Hola Laylita!

    Thank you for a great website. I am a new resident of Cuenca and, in addition to loving the city, the climate and the people, I love the food. I also like to cook and will definitely be trying some of your recipes.

    Muchas gracias y que tengas un buen dia,

    Bill Riordan

  40. André Douglas says:

    Hi Layla,

    André here, a Jamaican foodie. Just discovered your site and I can’t wait to try out some of these fabulous recipes. I love my native foods but I am always interested in foods and different ways of cooking from other cultures.

    Love the vivid content (pictures and text) and the steps are pretty easy to follow.
    Keep up the good work and all the best.


  41. I adore your blog! The photography is absolutely beautiful! Thank you.

  42. Hello Laylita,

    I have to say your website has brought me back to my childhood. My parents were from Ecuador. I lost my mom in 2007, and my dad in 2010. I know how to make some dishes, but not all. I came across your website looking for Guatita, and I was so excited to find it.

    I found a lot of recipes that my mom used to cook, and for that I had to thank you.

    It’s not often you find a website that has everything you grew up with, and I’m letting
    everyone know your website.

    Thank you again, and I can’t wait to see what other recipes you’ll put up next


  43. Margarita akouvaris says:

    Wow! muy lindo ,y sabroso que orgullo,te felicito ;me has hecho vivir mi pequenes con mi familia ,en Loja to tambien llegue aU Sdespues de la secundaria a N Y y ahora vivo en GEorgia muy lindo muy rico que Dios te vendiga hasta pronto””…/////

  44. Hi Laylita,

    looking eagerly for your new recipes several times a week, I will try the avocado sauce which looks very tasty to accompany your suggestion of chorizo empenadas filled with cheese. However, that recipe I cannot find on your site. Any suggestion?

    Thanks a lot from a cold but sunny Holland, Jurriaan

  45. Blanca Cardenas says:

    Hola Layita! Soy mexicana, mi novio es ecuatoriano. Tenemos un poco mas de 3 anos de novios, y de vez en cuando le cocino. No hace mucho me empezo a pedir que le hiciera ciertos platillos ecuatorianos que nunca en mi vida habia escuchado. Y fue cuando empeze a buscar en internet, y encontre esta pagina. Me encanta!
    He comido varios platillos tipicos de Ecuador, y todos, absolutamente todos me han fascinado. Espero que cuando cocine mi primer bebida o platillo me salga rico, y que a el le guste. Lo primero que voy a intentar hacer es es la Colada de Avena, que por cierto,es deliciosa y refrescante. Gracias!

  46. I was so excited to find your site! We recently moved to Ecuador to make it our home. We are on the coast but have found a lot of food to be very bland here. I knew there had to be much more to the food than what we were seeing on a typical menu! Now I can get the fresh ingredients, which, as you know, are so plentiful and make my own Ecuadorian meals! I was so hesitant about the ceviches but I am actually excited to give a few a try. I have tasted it and liked it, just didn’t seem right to eat “raw fish”, although people eat sushi all the time! Thank you so much!!! I loved the tour of Loja that you wrote about as well. That is one of the first places outside of the coast we want to explore! Gracias.

  47. Hi Laylita!
    We lived in Ecuador for 16 years and we consider it home and miss it very much. We celebrate special occasions with Ecuadorian food and it brings back great memories!
    I’d like to know if you have a connection to get the recipe or just the recipe for the marinade that Los Cebiches de La Ruminahui uses for their Pescado Asado. I crave it!!
    Dios Le Bendiga y mil gracias por las recetas!

  48. Alexandra says:

    I tried your fanesca recipe last Easter and it was amazing. I am Ecuadorian but grew up in NY, so it was really important for me to get it right–especially because I had my parents over, as well as visiting relatives from Ecuador. When I told my mom I would be cooking the fanesca (my first time), in typical Ecuadorian mom fashion, she said, “You can’t do it without me because you’ve never done it before. How will you know what to do?” I said, “I have a recipe.” She answered, “You can’t make fanesca from a recipe.” It was the “little of this, little of that” in her talking. And guess, what? You can make fanesca from a recipe! Thanks, Laylita. I can’t believe I waited this long to subscribe.

  49. Martha Benner says:

    Glad to find some new ideas for cooking. My hubby and I both love to cook and try new things all the time; we love spicy foods. So many of your recipes are getting tried soon at our house. Thank you.

  50. Un placer Leyla y mil gracias por las recetas. Soy de Guayaquil y vivo en Miami. Acabo de volver extranando el caldo de bolas, asi que puse la frase en google y apareciste!
    Hoy es el dia que espero hacerme master en caldo con tu receta! Ya te cuento como me fue. (Me atrevi a invitar amigos :)

  51. Johana G. says:

    Hey Laylita!

    I just joined you blog and feel accomplished of having done so! All I can say is that I love your yummy and original recipes and really Thank You for sharing them with us! I came from Ecuador about five years ago and still miss all those typical dishes Ecuador offers. I am specifically, from the capital, Quito. One again, so glad and proud to know there is still people like you that honors our country with such a great influence in the U.S. Best of luck…XOXOXOX…
    Johana G.

    • Patricia Stockman-Beatty says:

      I too am very impressed with you! I hold an honorary Chef de Cuisine certification as a Teaching Chef. I am a Catalan Portuguese from a very old Sephardi family who works as a Detente Banker servicing 9 presidents of S. Am. in their federal banking. I have copied your recipes to use as I must entertain many of these people and I know they will love your dishes. Please never stop excelling, thank you.

  52. Hi Laylita,
    I was amazed to see your picture because after going through all those wonderful recipes I thought you were an Ecuadorian lady! (which just means how great your recipes are, no offenses)
    I also grew up in Ecuador after my parents decided to settle in Guayaquil, and I’m missing Ecuadorian food soooo much now that I’m in college in the US. Thank you so much for sharing such amazing recipes!! I agree that it is hard to find the right ingredients here, but your simplified versions (such as the colada morada) are truly helpful!
    You are also right about how Ecuadorian food can be loved by anyone. My family is East Asian but we find Ecuadorian cuisine absolutely fantastic to our taste.
    Again, thanks for keeping up this wonderful blog! :)

    • Hi Marissa – I am Ecuadorian! I was born there and Ecuador will always be my country, but I look like a gringa since my parents are originally from the US, though they are also more Ecuadorian now that they lived more than half of their lives there (and still do).

  53. Hola Laylita quiero felicitarte por tu blog, me encanta. Yo soy Colombiana y mi esposo es Ecuatoriano have 27 años estoy en este país y he aprendido a cocinar como tu, platos muy variados y me encanta la comida Ecuatoriana, aunque tengo que confesar que no es mi especialidad y cada que voy a preparar algo de tu país salgo a ver mi librito de recetas y ahora desde que mi esposo encontró tu pagina pues salgo a prender mi tableta. Muchas gracias por compartir tus recetas de una forma clara y sencilla, pero especialmente quiero felicitarte por el respeto que le das a los Ecuatorianos a su comida y a su cultura, yo también los quiero mucho, esa tierra me dio un maravilloso esposo. cuídate y sigue adelante con tu buen trabajo.

  54. Hi Laylita,

    This is a great blog! I’m very excited to try out some of these recipes. I have been exposed to a lot of Panamanian food (my hubby’s background) and have been cooking a few Panamanian dishes myself but definitely looking forward to trying some Ecuadorian recipes!

    Wish me luck :)

  55. Vilma Baez says:

    Thank you for your website and all the recipes you are sharing with us. I have a question if I want to make the naranjilla juice, where would I find that fruit. I live in Houston, Texas.

    • Hi Vilma – I’ve never seen them fresh in the US, but the Latin grocery stores (including Fiesta), sell frozen pulp of naranjilla and sometimes even the frozen whole fruits. To make the juice with the frozen pulp just mix or blend with water and sugar to taste. For the fresh or frozen whole fruit you can blend the entire fruit with water and sugar or panela, and then strain it.

  56. angelica michel says:

    Laylita, I can not express how much I enjoy your blog and your delicious recipes. I am in DESPERATE need of a recipe. I once tasted. So I am wishing you can magically wave a wand and I can bake it.. Its a mexican chocolate mousse cake/ tort I know they used Abuelita chocolate bar and coconut liquor filled with mousse and covered with chocolate whipped cream. please let me know of any sort of heavenly cake like this.

  57. hola querida Layla !!
    te felicito por todo tu bello trabajo que lindo ver todas las recetas y bellas cosas que recopilas de la cultura culinaria de nuestro bello Ecuador.
    Aprovecho esta oportunidad para agradecerte por todo tu ayuda y apoyo que me diste cuando sali de reina del colegio una pobre nina de 12 anos …. sin saber en que me metia… mil gracias por todo.
    El amor y aprecio que tengo para toda tu familia es indescriptible solo puedo decir que son como famillia para mi.
    mucho amor y paz en este fin de ano 2012

    • Hola Evita – Jajaja esos tiempos de reina y vestidos, solo en Ecuador! Ahora son para el recuerdo! Ustedes tambien son como familia para nosotros, no se si leiste la receta del majado de verde, pero esa receta siempre me recuerda a tu papi porque recuerdo que el lo preparaba para el desayuno cuando nos quedabamos a dormir en tu casa! Un abrazo a la distancia! Feliz navidad y tengas un lindo 2013!

  58. Hi Laylita!

    I am from Ecuador, and currently I am living in Indiana, USA. I liked your blog. Thank you for sharing with others all our Ecuadorian food. I am going to prepare some Yapingachos for Christmas. Your blog was very helpful!

  59. Hello Laylita,

    I love your blog and recently began my own. I just read your comments about copyright of usage of your photos and wanted to ask permission. I just posted about a recipe (fritada or mixturiado) and used a few pictures. If you woud like for me to withdraw them, please let me know. Thank you!

  60. kevin davis says:

    Can’t remember how I found your site, but I love it. I’ve made several of your recipes and I’m still amazed at how easy the empanada dough is. Thanks for all love you put into this site, we’re having Turkey empandas for our Christmas dinner this year.

  61. Laylita, muchas gracias por este blog!! Vivo en USA desde hace muchos años y todavía extraño mi comida ecuatoriana. Que alegría haberlo encontrado!

  62. Awesome recipes easy and it tastes like home. Thank you, I love it


  64. Laylita,

    On the spur of the moment, my Ecuadorian husband called several of his friends and family and invited them to our home for an Ecuadorean meal this weekend. I am a pretty good cook, but I have never prepared a truly Ecuadorian dish, and I have been kind of panicked about what to make and how to make it. I am so happy to have found your website. The recipes are easy to follow, and the “step-by-step” pictures are so helpful. I am looking forward to trying out some of your recipes for our weekend meal and for many meals and parties to come! Thank you for creating a website that is both beautiful and inspirational.

  65. Dana,
    I was looking looking for a receta on empanadas viento and these site came up. So far it looks very nie.
    I actually have lived in both countries, so I can tell you a bit more ( Ecuador and Peru).
    You really think both cuisins are very similar? They can be, but I think peruvian has become more gourme.

    Actually, I’m from Ecuador, but right now I livein Chile. I lived in Peru for three years and simply fell in love with it.

    A simple answer to simplify your question would be…..

    Live in the country where you have a better job, and the most benefits.

    Right ow I wouldn’t choose Ecuador because of security and estability issues.

    Peru is in a mining boom, and so is Chile, but Chile is almost (or more) expensive than the US.

    All these countries can be fun to live in, if you are making the right salary. Also remember, that itis ot like 10 years ago, when liing in South America was dirt cheap. I think Bolivia still is.

  66. Love the Site!

    We were just in Peru and the food is similar to Ecuador’s.

    I have a question! Why did your parents move to Ecuador? my Husband and I would love to live in South America but are unsure about which country.

    Would love to hear from you. Thanks.

  67. hi Laylita! I discovered your website thanks to Monica Olivera, and i am super excited! My parents are from Ecuador and I have always complained that i don’t know how to cook “los platos tipicos” so i will definitely be trying some stuff out! gracias!
    ps. I’m married to a Frenchman too, how funny?!


    Las recetas son faciles y se las mira deliciosas, nuestro pais es bendecido por tener todos los productos

  69. Evelyn Wilkins says:

    I can’t get enough of your delicious recipes. When I read your comments, I feel like I’m talking to a friend from my neighborhood in Ecuador.

    I am SO looking forward to your Ecuatorian Cooking Book. It’s already a hit!

  70. Francynn Tobar says:

    I am extremely excited I found this website!! My mom is from Ecuador and I’ve been searching everywhere for an Ecuadorian cookbook to introduce the food to my hubby but can’t seem to find one for the life of me. Can’t wait to try some of the recipes! =)

  71. He probado dos recetas suyas y me han encantado. Siga dandonos recetas.

  72. Hola Laylita, he quedado encantada con tus recetas y las fotos son espectaculares! Naci en Guayaquil pero casi toda mi vida he vivido en California. Estoy casada con Argentino y tengo 3 hermosos hijos. Soy cocinera de corazon. Amo cocinar para mi familia y amigos y como tu, cocino una variedad de comidas. Te felicito por tu pagina y ricas recetas! Un abrazo

  73. Qué chévere encontrar tu sitio! Y que estés representando orgullosamente a nuestro Ecuador! Yo soy Quiteña pero resido en Los Angeles desde muy chiquita. Acabo de ver tu receta de la espumilla! No puedo esperar para prepararla!! :) Gracias por compartir!

  74. So glad I came across this website!! I lived in Ecuador for 6 months. I love seeing recipes of the yummy food I had there. Thank you!

  75. patricia thomas says:

    This is the first time I’ve ever seen or heard of this website. WOW. It has everything. My spanish son-in-law will be so happy. I always try to make recipes for him, but now I’ve got the real deal. Thank You. Pat Thomas

  76. Saludos desde Barcelona
    I just happened onto your site while looking for mimosa recipes. I can’t wait to browse further. Your site looks wonderful and I’m always looking for new, interesting dishes. I am an American transplanted to Barcelona and can’t help wondering if you have Catalan ancestors. The last name of Pujol is so prominent here. Bona sort amb la teva web!!! Buena suerte con tu web.


  77. I love your recipes and since my little sister lives in Seattle ( she works for an advertising firm) and is quite the Karishina- I told her about your website!

    She’s hooked! We are an American born Ecuadorian Princesses:-) I’m planning on a surprise party for my parents and will feature your recipes.

    I love to cook but loath the washing of dishes too!

    Ps I’ve found that American persimmons are great as a substitute for the traditional tomate de

  78. Hilda saenz says:

    Soy una orgulloza Ecuatoriana, y te agradesco de corazon que compartas tus experiencias y conocimiento del arte culinario de nuestro grancioso pais. Yo no soy buena cocinera, pero te confieso que he hecho algunos de tus platos publicados y a mi familia le ha gustado, lo que significa que estoy aprendiendo,gracias nuevamente, y suerte

  79. Saludos! Thank you for such amazing pictures. Cant wait to try some new recipes.

  80. Gracias todas estas recetas son faciles y deliciosas y mas que todo Los ingredientes lo encontramos aqui, soy de Ecuador y extraño mi comida gracias x compartila

  81. Felicidades Leyla. Soy ecuatoriana y vivo en el norte de California. Muchas gracias por promover nuestra comida ecuatoriana; que orgullo para todos nosotros tenerte a ti como embajadora de esa region que te vio crecer. Estoy muy deleitada viendo tus recetas. Bendiciones a ti y tu familia donde te encuentres. Liz

  82. Hola Laylita soy ecuatoriano, vivo en Suiza.
    Mucha gente dice que lo mas dificil despues de ser padre o madre es saber reconocer cual ha sido el objetivo de sus vidas. Bueno, me atrevo a decir que tu has encontrado el tuyo.
    Gracias por compartir esto! O sea los sabores que nos unen (mas cuando estamos lejos) a nuestras raices.
    Un abrazo

  83. Saludos! Soy de Puerto Rico y me topé con una receta tuya en pinterest y voila! Estoy aqui. Muy interesante la cocina ecuatoriana. Estoy pensando hacer variaciones con los productos que no conozco por otros de mi Isla. Vamos a ver que pasa! Muy ameno el blog! felicidades!

  84. Just wanted to let you know ‘me encantan tus recetas!’
    I’m from the Netherlands, my husband is an ecuadorian.
    Thanks to you lovely website my children (and husband :-) now eat Ecuadorian food
    at home.

    Haarlem, The Netherlands

  85. Maria E Luzuriaga says:

    no se si escribir en Ingles o en Espaniol, de todas maneras queria agradecerle por sus exelentes recetas, yo tambien soy del Ecuador de la sierra, i creci con muchas de sus recetas, felicitaciones por su Website i me siento Orgullosa de ser Ecuatoriana, de paso i por medio de mi trabajo tengo muchas amistades Francesas me encanta la cultura de ellos su Pais i por supuesto su comida, preparo algunas recetas clasicas de pollo i de res que me quedan muy ricas.

    i vivo en Texas en el area de Dallas i Fort Worth no hay ningun restaurante de comida Ecuatoriana, encontramos un Restaurante Peruano i tiene razon es algo parecido a la comida Ecuatoriana

    gracias en nombre de todos los Ecuatorianos que seguimos su Blog

    Maria E Luzuriaga

  86. Susy Alvarado says:

    Laylita, I love your blog, it’s so friendly, colorful, useful…!!!
    I am telling all my friends from Ecuador about this great website.

  87. Marcia Disinger says:

    Hi, I from Ecuador and I find your site very interesting because I found recipes that you don’t find either in the Ecuadorian cuisine, the only recipe that I’ll like to share with you is la cazuela de mariscos, or cazuela de camaron, or pescado. Probably you tasted before that is maid with banana plaintain, muy boyfriend love it! I do enjoy all the dishes that you had here in your site…I do love cook also…well nobody complain yet! =)

    take care from VA. Marci

  88. Patricia says:

    Hi Layla,

    I am German and my husband is Ecuadorian, together we live in the US. Can’t wait to surprise him with some of these traditional Ecuadorian meals.
    Thank you for all those wonderful recipes.


  89. Elizabeth Moscoso says:

    Hi Laylita,
    My dad is Ecuadorian and he make several Ecuadorian dishes which we love! I visited Ecuador in 2008 and it was an amazing cultural and food experience. I was wondering if you’ve ever found a Ecuadorian restaurant in the Pacific NW or elsewhere in the States?

    • Hi Elizabeth – There’s a good Peruvian restaurant in Portland, it’s called Andina, and Peruvian food is very similar to Ecuadorian food. When I lived in Austin there was a good Colombian restaurant that had some dishes similar to Ecuadorian ones (I don’t remember the name of the restaurant). I’ve heard that cities with larger Ecuadorian population have some (NYC, LA, Miami), but haven’t been to any.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Thanks, Laylita. I live right in the suburbs of Portland and have heard of Andina. I’ll need to try them out soon!

  90. Saludos desde Portland y muchisimas gracias por compartir tus maravillosas recetas.

    Desde hace algun tiempo he tratado de encontrar por internet, la receta de unos tamales dulces que no se como se llaman. Estos tamales los comprabamos cuando mi familia y yo ibamos a Sangolqui, un pueblito cercano a Quito, durante los dias de feria. Estos tamales son de harina de maiz, tienen relleno de pollo, y creo que la masa es endulzada con raspadura. Son riquisimos pero no tengo idea de como hacerlos, ojala tu me pudieras ayudar! Otra pregunta, como se prepara la salsa de aji con mani? Muchisimas gracias por la ayuda que me puedas brindar!

  91. No habia comido un encebollado desde que llegue a estados unidos en el 93. Segui tu reseta y sabrozo riquicimo. Just In case, I used to go visit my grandparents in San Pedro de Vilcabamba.
    El comi y bebe les encanto a mi esposa e hijas. Ellas son bien melindrosas.
    Gracias por el website.

  92. Marissa says:

    I found your blog by typing in “encebollado” in Google and I’m OBSESSED!!

    I spent a couple months in Ecuador with my boyfriend, who is a chef, so I ate really well. But we have since broken up and I am back in the states, so I’m so excited that I can make Ecuadorian food myself now, with the help of your recipes. I’ve made ceviche and chifles before, both of which I LOVE, but I’m really excited to try your octopus and langostino ceviches.

    Thank you so much for this wonderful blog. I can’t wait to start cooking and introducing my family to this wonderful food. And your pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Can’t wait to see what you post next!

  93. Spencer Mary says:

    I am currently living in Ecuador with my boyfriend. I moved here from Oregon to teach business English to executives, while he is helping promote his brother’s new Prosthetic/Orthotic distributing business here. I can’t believe you’re from Vilcabamba, what a beautiful place!!! I was wondering if you could post a recipe for quesadillas (you know, those sweet, crumbly pastries…. not the cheese and tortilla kind). I’ve been scouring the internet and asking all my Ecuadorian friends for a recipe, to no avail. I am an avid reader of your blog (especially now that i’m living down here) and just tonight I made your Empanadas Viento tonight, with great success!! I appreciate you!

  94. I recently got back from a wedding in Quito, Ecuador. I spent a week and a half there and came to love the food! I am so excited to find your website as I have been craving some of the food that I was eating there! Thanks for sharing your story and recipes!

  95. I’m so glad I found your site! My parents are both Ecuadorian and now that I live on my own, I love being able to recreate dishes in my own home to share with my fiance and with friends. I’ve turned many a picky American onto some of my Ecuadorian favorites thanks to you site. Gracias!!!

  96. Sandra Calozzuma says:

    Dearest Laylita..

    Muchas gracias for this website.. I am an American Mexican Ecuadorian. My father is the Ecuadorian and well growing up I always had my Mexican culture close.. Here in california it is jz 2 hr from Mexico. So growing up I always wanted to experience my Ecuadorian side. With your website I am learning how to make the best foods ever.since I have been to Ecuador only 1 time in my life I am hopeing for the tastes I remember to come out some what close… Thank u so much and I hope to learn more from u in the near feature.. Oh p.s. How can I make TIGRILLO?

  97. I am so happy that you have this website, I am from ambato Ecuador but have lived in California since elementry, I love to eat ecuadorian dishes but I have a long way to go till I can cook them with perfection because when I ask for ingredients or how it’s done my family says alitle of this and that and just pay attention as I cook it we don’t belief in measuring, lol but your website is perfect

  98. SAra-Lyn says:

    This is the best website EVER!!! I am married to an Ecuadorian who misses the food more than anything else since we have moved to Canada. With your help, I have been able to learn how to cook some of the traditional dishes that he loves. I am honestly indebted to you FOREVER. Now just to figure out how to get some of the sunshine to Cananda!

  99. Laylita,

    I have lived, and am moving back in September, in Quito. I love the recipes you have posted!! I love being able to share Ecuadorian food with my family, who otherwise would not have tasted it! I have a friend from Cartagena, Colombia who loves Arroz de Coco. Would you by any chance have a recipe for this dish? Thank you!


  100. Wonderful website (enough said)!! ;-)

  101. Hi Laylita!!!

    Love the website. I am also from Ecuador (Guayaquil) and I wanted to make some empanadas de viento and came across your website! It is really helpful and easy to follow and understand. I also live in the Seattle area, and sometimes I don’t even know how certain ingredients are named in English. I appreciate you taking the time to explain the dishes and its ingredients. I have a 20 month old daughter and she loves Ecuadorian food, and I am not the best cook myself, but with your recipes, I will def try some of these things I grew up with for her.

  102. Estimada Laylita,

    fantastic! You made a wonderful website, collected the best ecuadorian dishes ever, recipe descriptions are simple to follow and the fotos are great.
    I lived a couple of years in Ecuador and miss this time a lot. I found there my second home, my second family and very good friends.
    Food is reunioning people and ecuadorian one makes me feel alive again.
    Thanks for sharing it with us!

    Cuidense mucho!

    Claudia de alemania

  103. george aguilera says:

    thank you laylita for such a wonderful work. I am a guayaquileno living in massachusetts and I enjoy reading about all the foods i grew up with. My mother has made seveal dishes using your recipes in the spanish version and they turned sabrosisimos. I agree that street food is great in ecuador. i remember this lady had a basket with empanadas de pollo that had a sweet flavor inside (raisins, maybe olives, maybe a sweet bread stuffing). During thanksgiving my mother cooks turkey with relleno which has little pieces of chicken (i think some have chicken liver but i don’t like that), wine, i think a little ham, olives, and raisins. I am just so in love with ecuadorian food and this site is my connection to that wonderful part of our culture. Thank you.

  104. Daniel Gutierrez says:

    I would like to thank you for such a page, I’ve been looking for good ecuadorian recipes for a long time. I grew up in ecuador until I was 17, now I’m 32 living in Sydney, Australia where Ecuadorian cooking is not existant at all! My Mrs is Italian so fortunately I won’t starve yet, hehehe, anyhow I started with la menestra tonight, wish me luck…

  105. I love the fresh ingredients. And flavors in your blog. I am happy to be a subscriber.

  106. Gabriel Torres says:

    Dear Laylita,

    You have produced one of the best Ecuadorian food websites with the right food instructions, from what you write we can see your really passionate about the food and what you cook.

    I from Ecuador, I live in London and I have passed the website to a couple of my friends that are English, they love the dishes the way they are presented and they have tried a couple of them .

    Overall I think what you have done is great and you should keep it.

    Thank you


  107. Elisa Veronica says:

    I am so happy to have found this website!

    I wanted to involve my Ecuadorian heritage in my wedding menu… which is difficult when my family doesn’t write recipes down and we aren’t the best at explaining how we cook things. This website is the perfect tool for my (amazing) caterer.

    Thank you!

  108. Krista says:

    Laylita, you’re killing me. Your recipes are amazing. My father is from Chile and one of my best friends is half Peruvian, so I’ve grown up with a lot of this food. I’m so happy to see all of these scrumptious recipes all in one spot and beautifully photographed and executed. I can’t wait to try, but I have to pick one to start with – so many delicious choices. You have dominated my pinning activity tonight on Pinterest and am happy to be your newest follower.
    Ciao for now,

  109. Dear Laylita
    I had become addicted to your blog, seriously. We are a family of four, my husband and my two children and we live in Ga. We are originally from Quito and my father in law was from Loja. Last Friday I called my husband at work to tell him I had a surprise for him, as soon as he got home from the front door he said ” huele a repe!”. Your recipe was a great success. Now I am planing of cooking recipes just from your blog 3 times a week, assuming we will have leftovers to eat the rest of the days, until I have tried all of your recipes. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again for such an amazing, educational and entertaining site. Many blessing for you and your family. Irina

  110. Jim & Patricia says:

    Hello Laylita
    Patricia & I love to cook and are considering a move to Vilca. We currently live on the central coast of Ca. We have a small organic citrus & sub tropical fruit farm here. We want to go south to be able to grow year round! We grow an excellent variety of passion fruit (Fredrick). If you need any we would be happy to send some to you.
    PS: Love your recipes and your presentation! So glad to have found your site.

    Jim & Patricia

  111. Hoal, Laylita
    Me encanto encontrar tu website cuando buscaba como hornear pan de yuca.
    Las recetas son deliciosas y muchas me recuerdan de cenas y almuerzos con mi familia cuando vivia en Quito.
    Voy a probar muchas de ellas, las fotos tomadas en la preparacion de cada plato estan excellentes.
    Muchas gracias por tu arduo trabajo.


  112. I spent five weeks in Ecuador for a summer exchange with EIL.. I loved it and the food. I have not been able to find the recipes for any of the main foods I ate and enjoyed until now this web cite is great. Thanks for the recipes…

  113. Susi Matthews says:

    SO happy to find your web-site. I am a true mutt – Irish/Scot/German/Navajo/ plus some more. But I dearly love experimenting with different tastes and types of food and so many of your recipes look absolutely wonderful. A friend showed me your Locro de papas recipe and I was hooked.

    Thank you!

  114. This week I returned from a 2-week vacation in Ecuador and was looking around on line for a Passion Fruit Mousse recipe similar to one served at Sacha Lodge in the Amazon region –which I found with you. Thanks. Then in searching around on your site I found several other interesting things I pinned which was a huge bonus. I love the nutritious benefits of Quinoa and just last night made Ecuadorian Quinoa soup from another site but I’ll also use your salsa verde quinoa. Great site; thanks. If you have a source for a recipe for Cayambe-style Bizcochos, let me know.

    • I second the request for the Cayambe-style bizcochos. My family just returned from three weeks visiting relatives and traveling throughout Ecuador, and I would love the recipe for these bizcochos. I understand that they use a lot of butter and “manteca de cerdo” (hence the awesome flavor, no doubt), plus are baked in an “horno de carbón”, which will not be easily replicated, but if you have found a recipe or any other ideas, let me know!


  115. Dear Laylita,

    Congratulations for your website! Thanks for the pictures of You and your family. You are all beautiful. I finally go to ‘meet you’ I am so glad you love to cook ecuadorian food. You have a beautiful and practical website. I love how clear you are in your explanations. The pictures are great. I found your page last year and I fall in love with it. I have made many dishes already and they all have tested delicious! I love to cook international dishes, but nothing compares with my ecuadorian food. I am looking for ‘ayacas’ recipe. Please let me know if you have it. God bless you and your family and thank you very much for your page.

  116. Hi,
    I am so excited to have found your site. I am in love with Ecuador and their food. Having just returned from another trip there, I discovered these amazing sweet corn pancakes at the market in Cuenca. Do you have a recipe for them? They were made in a big wide pan by putting a bit of a pancake batter down first, followed by a filling of mote and queso (I believe) and topped again with more of the batter. I would love to know how to make these at home. Thanks!

  117. Hola desde Bremerton, WA:

    ¡He encontrado un compañera ecuatoriana! Aunque de yo no había nacido en Ecuador, mi familia me ha elevado a apreciar la cultura de América del Sur, incluyendo la comida. Aprecio mucho sus recetas, me dan la inspiración para experimentar en mis propias aventuras culinarias. De uno a otro ecuatoriana, muchísima gracias Señora Laylita por compartir una parte de nuestro patrimonio.

    Con saludos,


  118. Hola! Yo encontre tu pagina cuando estuve buscando por recetas ecuatoriana. Acabo de regresar de mi primer viaje a Ecuador con mi novio. El fue nacio en Quito y vivio alli hasta tuvo 22 anos. Ahora vivimos juntos en los EEUU. Soy de aqui. Despues del viaje, quiero cocinar las comidas del pais en nuestra casa. Estoy emocionada de conocer este blog! (Y perdon si mi espanol tiene errores, estoy aprendiendo siempre!).

  119. Hey Laylita,

    Thank you for such an amazing website and especially for the repe lojano recipe. My mum is from Loja and she makes the most amazing repe soup.

    I was wondering if you could potentially post a quimbolitos recipe.
    Thanks and congrats for your website,

    Madison, WI

  120. I’m from Ecuador and I love your Blog. I married a Michigander and now I’m living in Michigan.
    The pictures are as good as the recipes, but particularly your background, your experience in South America and your current life. Just read the recipes and look the pictures, makes me back to Ecuador.
    Thank you for share your thoughts and experience with us,

  121. Hola Layla,

    I am looking for a recipe for pan de yuca. I think it is traditionally Colombian, but I thought you might be familiar with it.


    Hi Tamara – We have pan de yuca in Ecuador also, here’s the recipe:http://laylita.com/recipes/2008/01/14/pan-de-yuca-pan-queso/

  122. I am really happy to have found your blog! I am living in Quito but it has only been a couple months so I still have the city’s food to discover! I am really happy to see lots of great eateries in your posts and traditional recipes as well. (I also have a crepe-making French husband!) I am excited to keep reading. :)

  123. Your blog is heaven sent! My mother is from Ecuador and not as close as I would like, so this is seriously helping me and my family on so many levels, lol. Great job and thanks again!

  124. Nancy,

    If you go to Quito, you should try fruits. I recommend those that you call “exotic”. You may not like some flavours but the “adeventure” is not expensive (Try to buy at the ‘Supermaxi’, mercado La Carolina’ or ‘Santa Clara’). Also try to remember Ecuador has well defined regions and it is not a developed country. You can find good seefood in Quito but it is always better near the beach, where it is fresh, sometimes cheaper and people have local “secret recipes”. In Quito you might like to try all types of grains like corn (mote, choclo, tostoado,…), habas, arvejas, chochos,… Meat (from cows) is not the best in Ecuador, there are some exceptions but the geography does not allow too much. Porc and fish are a good alternative (I am thinking about “hornado” and “fritada”). “Empanadas” and “tortillas” of all kind worth tasting.

    You asked about specific recipes. Truth is that you can enter few touristic restaurants and the recipes would be the same. In fact they are made for tourist: flavours might be new but not too strong; and somehow they will not represent what ecuadorians eat. If you where a friend I was guiding, I would “abuse” of you politeness to make you eat “caldo de salchicha” which is not nice to the eye but tastes wonderfully. It goes the same for everything; “mango” is eaten green and with salt while “aguacate” is eaten with sugar… Don’t try anything with “plátano” (plantain) in la Sierra (the mountains); it could taste good but it becomes an insult when you have eaten the same at “La Costa” where it is fresh and they are very demanding (Plantain is much cheaper in “la costa” and there are the tasty varieties, not only the good-looking and flavourless “barraganete”)

    You will always make a mistake if you buy bread in any market or supermarket. The mistake will be smaller if you buy bread at “Cyrano”, “La Canasta” or “Baguette”. Small bakeries offer the best bread. You should also try icecream. However, there is no special place to recommend (The best way to get a good icecream is to avoid brand names and flirt with someone, that someone usually knows the best nearest place… for an icecream).

    If you become nostalgic, Kentucky and Domino’s are the best franchises in Quito.

  125. Hola Layla,
    I was searching for South American recipes and came across your site. I love it! Well done. I’m also a Latina living in Seattle and can’t wait to try out some of your recipes next time I get homesick.
    Thank you,

  126. I am from Ecuador too but i left when I was very little and I never got the chance to learn about real Ecuadorian cooking. Now I am married and am anxious to have my husband try Ecuadorian cooking. Thank you for your website, it’s really great. It’s the best one I have found. :)

  127. Layla,

    I came to your website accidentally looking for a stew recipe for some goat meat we had in the freezer. I had already begun a lamb stew type recipe when Google led me here.

    I immediately went into an Ecuadorean modification mode, adding cumin, beer, mustard, chili powder and ground corriander. It’s an experiment but the aromas coming forth tell me that its going to work out OK. We’ll see if my hybrid hits the mark.

    BTW, Toula and I visited a small town in South Baja, MX where we bought a couple of sweet Empanadas containing a chocolate filling made from concentrated milk. They were excellent but we have never managed to find anything like them in the US (So. CA). Do you have any recipes for same?


  128. Hi Laylita,

    I was searching for Ecuadorian recipes and came across your site! It is wonderful! The great recipes, photos, narratives and stories are so enjoyable. A colleague and I are leading a group of 11 education and social work students from our university to Quito, Ecuador during our spring break in a couple weeks. We wanted to have a dinner with some Ecuadorian dishes and since I have never been there or eaten the food….was wondering what you might suggest? Having looked at your site, I was thinking….potato and cheese soup, either seafood rice or chicken fried rice, fresh asparagus, a fresh salad, and either mango or blood orange sorbet or your drinkable fruit salad for dessert. What do you think? Any suggestions? A couple who have been to Ecuador and are coming to talk to the students about their experiences, are preparing plantains but I’m not sure how they will be prepared. Thanks for any help you can give!

  129. Hola desde Canada,
    Quiero felicitarte xq tu pagina me encanta, honestamente soy un poco peresoza en seguir recetas, pero con el atractivo de las fotos de tus platos paso a paso y lo sencillo de tu explicacion, me acomodo perfecto! Hace rato pensaba…q pena q no vivamos en la misma ciudad sino iria al restaurante q pongas tu jeje.
    Cada q hago una receta tuya mi meta es q x lo menos lusca como la de tu foto.

  130. Ceci Lopez says:

    Laylita, felicitaciones por tan magnifico web, gracias por comparatir tus recetas y permitirnos revivir nuestra gastronomia. Como ecuatoriana me siento orgullosa de contar con un sitio tan completo que enaltece a nuestro bello pais. Gracias!!!!

  131. I love this website.

    Its well done, its the GREATEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  132. Hello Dear Layla,
    Any recipe for Quimbolito?


    I hope to have it posted later this year

  133. Love, love, love this website. Its a nice combo of traditional Ecuadorian cuisine with a modern flare. Saw a post referring to your website on Skinny Taste while looking for a quinoa recipe. I am so glad to have stumbled onto to you. Looking forward to your future posts.

  134. Judith Remington says:

    Hola! I was born in Ecuador but moved to the US in the 1960’s at a the age of three. I am the only one in my family who truly enjoys Ecuadorian cuisine. My father used to cook the hornado, and it was out of this world. He always started it at a high heat and then lowered it considerably. I did not see a response to the question about cooking it on the grill. Is there a method for doing that? Also, do you have a recipe for pernil? I have never been able to find that in any restaurant in Chicago, where I live. Best wishes for you and your family for 2012 and thank you for providing these wonderful recipes to all who yearn for a taste of Ecuadorian cuisine, a magical place with truly wonderful people. Judi

    Hi Judith – I haven’t ever tried cooking the hornado on the grill, I’ll look into that next time I go to Ecuador. I do have a recipe for pernil, it’s the way they prepare it in Loja: http://laylita.com/recipes/2008/03/12/pernil-or-roasted-pork/

  135. Hi Layla,
    You know…. I think my wife married me because of my ability to cook!!!
    She is of Irish/British parents and loves to try new Ecuadorian
    dishes all the time!!I was born in Ecuador and raised in NY.
    Much of the recipes I make are recipes from my mother which
    range from making refrito, seco de chivo to relleno de carne
    at Thanksgiving!! I just wanted to say hello and thank you
    for sharing your recipes!!!

    Felicitaciones on your website!!

  136. Gracias por compartir todas tus recetas! Brings back memories from back home and childhood!

  137. I just happened to stumble upon your website while looking for innovative salmon dishes to make with my boyfriend. I’m Latin American so I love all the spicy additions. Great job on this site; it all looks so delicious and I’m super excited to start trying them out.

    Best from Portland ,OR!

  138. John Sudlow says:

    Glad to see more frequent recipes! Happy Thanksgiving!

  139. Layla, your blog gives us a little piece of Ecuador even when we are far away. My husband is from Ecuador (Ibarra), and I lived there many years too, but not being from there I never really learned to cook all the dishes we love. When we are missing local dishes, we always turn to your webpage and find exactly what we need. And the meal that follows always soothes our nostalgia, even if for just one night. Thanks for this invaluable resource. Best, Karla

  140. Estoy super feliz de encontrar este sitio web. Hace un año que mi compañero y yo nos mudamos a California a Vilcabamba, Ecuador. ¿Qué casualidad!

    He tratado mucha comida deliciosa como aquí, pero no tengo ni idea de cómo hacerlo mi mismo – ahora puedo!

    Muchas gracias por compartir sus historias, recetas, y el tiempo. Espero poder tratar todas las recetas:)

  141. Thank you for sharing these recipes! I love your website and am so happy I can direct friends to your website so that they can learn more about Ecuadorian food.

  142. Brenda Arce says:

    Hola Layla, soy Guayaquilena y solamente quise obtener una receta de como preparar un arroz con pollo y me he quedado encantada con todas tus recetas, a buena hora puse tinta a mi impresora porque he sacado copias de casi todas tus recetas incluyendo como se hace la chicha de pinia, come y bebe y cahipirinias. No me gusta la cocina, soy Arquitecta y siempre he dicho muy sinicamente que deberiamos de diseniar casas sin cocinas, jajaja. Vivo en Texas, te felicito y te agradezco el haber publicado todas estas recetas. Me gustaria saber si tienes algun libro publicado???
    Mil gracias a ti y a que te gusta cocinar, voy a inspirarme en algunas de tus recetas para sorprender a mi querido esposo!!!

  143. Francisco says:

    Que rrrrreco! Thank you so much for this website. I left “El Ecua” about 10 years ago and I always write my mom for recipes. Now I dont have to bother her. I havent gone through all your treasure chest but I am about to start. Thanks! Muchisimas gracias y que Diosito te bendiga!

  144. Hi Lalita-
    I love your website and can not wait to share it with my ecuadorian family. My mom and dad both are from Ecuador and I was born and raised in CA. I love my roots and making my family happy. We are having Fritada con tostado. Ymm my favorite. I love that you are keeping this up and from the bottom of my heart appreciate it. I am supper excited.


  145. Libby Moran says:

    Dear Lalita,

    I am so happy to find your lovely website. It is truly an amazing site and I have only begun to look. I am sort of the opposite story… I am American and my hubby is from Santa Cruz Galapagos Ecuador. I moved here two years ago. I didn’t speak a word of Spanish and was terribly homesick, but the food of Ecuador helped me make the transition and fall in love with my new country. I found your site while looking for Encebollado de pescado. My cunada taught me, but like any good Ecuatoriana cook, she didn’t use any measurements…. and I didn’t get a chance to write it all down either (too busy tasting and learning salsa – the dance not the recipe!) Anyway, I just want to say thank you for taking the beautiful cuisine of Ecuador and putting it on the web… accessible to all. I am looking forward to sharing this with my sister when I next visit the States and showing off my Latina cooking skills.

  146. Hi, I frequent a great little start up restaurant here in Providence, RI called Los Andes which serves authentic Peruvian and Bolivian food. I love their food and never thought I would ever be able to cook anything like that.

    Well…my daughter Shaina, who is a great cook, told me about your website yesterday. I must admit, I am not the greatest of cooks, but with these photos and step by step instructions I am feeling more confident that I will get better. Just looking at all the gorgeous pictures inspires me try them. I cannot begin to tell you just how excited I am to get started! Thank you.

  147. I love your site, every shot is perfect …I guess your food is even better! :)

  148. Hola! I also live in Seattle and just came back from a volunteering trip to Ecuador. I am so excited to have found your site because I fell in love with the people, culture and food during my trip. I am excited to infuse Ecuadorian cuisine into my household! Muchas Gracias Layla!

  149. Maria Elena says:

    Thank you for sharing your delicious recipes with us! Your pictures are beautiful.. My grandmother from Ecuador was the best chef in our family. Thank you for helping me bring memories back to life.

  150. Kay Clements says:

    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed finding your blog today and reading about you. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes, as I’m always looking for something new. Reading about you, you remind me of myself in so many ways. It is hard for me to write down a recipe because I don’t always measure and I am trying to force myself to keep pen and paper in the kitchen so that I that possibly I can change that habit. All of my recipes are basic and I always encourage people to experiment. I had the pleasure of cooking for a family that encouraged me and if it turned out bad, we just threw it away and ordered out for that evening and also threw that recipe in the trash..I would love if you would check out my blog alwaystheperfectbite.blogspot.com and any criticsm is welcomed. Keep in mind I am new at this and just learning, but I wish everyone had the passion for food that you and I have and would love to make a difference in people’s lives.
    Thanks again.

  151. I love this blog. I’m from Seattle but am currently teaching English in Santiago, Chile. You are an inspiration for my current South American food blog!

  152. Do you have a recipe for alfajores? I love your website and all your recipes are amazing!

    I don’t have one posted yet, but will add alfajores to list of recipe requests.

  153. Lindsey says:

    I found your website while searching for Sopa de Quinoa. I made the soup and my family loved it! I lived in Ecuador for a year and my husband is from Ecuador and I am so excited to try more of your recipes! My husband was so excited about the Quinoa soup! I’m so glad I found your website!

  154. Hi, I don’t know how I happened upon your website. I like it. I was hopping you had a share button, like the one’s used to share websites with friends on facebook for instance. Just a suggestion. Thanks

  155. Rebecca says:

    I visited Ecuador in 2010 and have been thinking about a delicious breakfast prepared and eaten outdoors after our morning adventure in the cloud forest. Thanks to your website I can now try to make my own bolon de verde and empanadas. I can’t wait to try more recipes from your site also.

  156. Hola, Laylita,

    I’m so pleased to find your site. I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Milagro, Ecuador in the 60’s, and have fond memories of some much the food and the people. Except for the two years spent there, I have lived my entire life in…Seattle! And, in 2004, some of us went back for a reunion, and the people who organized it live part of the year in…Vilcabamba! Had enough coincidences? I’ll stop.
    Now I have a young friend who is going to teach on the Galapagos for 3 months, and I wanted to send him off with a typical meal. My question for you is, this dinner will be on Sat. the 18th, and I will need certain key ingredients: naranjillo juice, achiote, pre-made empanada discs, chifes…where is the best place to find them, in Seattle or nearby? My first thought was Central Market in Shoreline. Any other ideas?

    Be assured I will be bookmarking your site for the future, and I’m really looking forward the the tastes and smells that we’ll experience this weekend, thanks to your recipes.
    Charito (as they called me back then…)

    Sorry for the late response, there are a few places in Seattle where you can find the ingredients you are looking for:
    1) The Latin Grocery store at Pike’s Place
    2) La Espanola in Bellevue (NE 20th)
    3) La Superior in Bellevue (in back of Crossroads Mall)
    4) La Tienda in Bellevue (140th Ave SE and SE 16th)
    There are probably more around, but these are the main ones I’ve found.

  157. Martha Rich says:

    Querida Laylita: Para mi ha sido maravilloso encontrar esta pagina de Web. He tenido el gusto de probar muchas recetas ecuatorianas. Las he compartido con mi familia y hemos gozado saborear a los tiempos nuestra comida tipica.
    Tengo una reunion familiar el 24 de este mes. He comprado un puerco de mas de 25 libras y no puedo hornearlo en mi horno es demasiado grande. Queremos hacer hornado y no se si pueda hacerlo en un grill de gas. Me pudieras aconsejar si lo puedo hacer y como lo hago. Gracias Martha

  158. Just found your website and I love the recipes and the photos! I currently live in Peru and it’s amazing the similarities between the food cultures. I can’t wait to try out some of these delicious recipes…thanks for doing this!

  159. I’ve been kicking myself for the past 8 years for not learning how to make menestra before I left Ecuador. Thank you so much for putting these recipes where I could find them.

  160. Thanks for this subscription.. I am Ecuadorian but never tried cooking our dishes. I came to the U.S. when I was 9yrs old and being raised here, I totally forgot about my roots. SHAME ON ME! Now, I am 33 and sooo excited to really start to enjoy my typical Ecuadorian dishes. Never too late as people say. Tonight, I will be making seco the pollo for my family and I am sooo eager to go home.

  161. hi,

    I am ecuadorian but unfortunately never had the opportunity to learn to cook. I was wondering if you had a recipe for Tallarin de Gallina. Have you ever had it.? I love it and can’t find any recipes online.

    let me know

  162. Kimberly-NYC says:

    I am so glad I found your site. I tried your Caldo de Bola recipe. I made it for a group of Ecuadorians and unless they were only being polite, THEY LOVED it. Thank you for such clear and specific directions. I’m of Jamaican decent and I’m just becoming familiar with south american cuisine. This is definetely a time consuming dish to prepare but the results are worth it. Thank you for all the work you put into coming up with this easy to follow “dummy proof” recipe. It was a hit.

  163. shoshanah says:

    Thank you so much for publishing these recipes! After living in Salinas for two years I am missing arroz con menestra and so many other dishes. I also live in Seattle where Latin American cuisine isn’t the easiest to find. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  164. Luisa C. says:

    I am Ecuadorian…from Guayaquil..And I just loved to go to your website..there is always something new to learn..My mother cooks so good just like if we were in Ecuador..I love Caldo de Bolas..And Encebollados and let’s not leave out El ceviche De Conchas….Deliciousss.

  165. i just wanted to thank you for your well-written and beautiful website! I’m putting together an Ecuadorian menu for a Global Meal series I organize for some students at the UW-Madison because we’ll be hosting chocolate-makers from the wonderful Kallari Cooperative (www.kallari.com) and wanted a complementary meal. I came up with a menu through some research on traditional Ecuadorian dishes from various sources. But when it came time to find good recipes for many of these dishes, your site just kept popping up again and again, and was so helpful to me. The menu will probably look something like this: Cheese Empanadas with Aji criollo, Locro, Pickled Onions, Ensalada Mixta, Patacones, Fish Ceviche, Mushroom Ceviche, Simple Ecuadorian-Style Rice, Mango-Orange Juice, Kallari Chocolates–with many of these recipes from your site! (if you have any suggestions about rounding out the menu or what could make it more traditional or delicious, please do share!) I’ll blog about the event after it happens in May, and will share the link with you then, so you can see your cooking influence spread. Thanks again.

  166. i am SO glad i found your site. im half ecuadorian and have been to ecuador twice. I love it there … and the food is amazing. i am going to try the curtido next – it makes every dish taste delicious.

  167. Hi! I’m about to go live in Ecuador for a few months and I stumbled upon your website while searching for Llapingacho photos. Not only did your Llapingacho recipe looked great, your other recipes look awesome too. Also, Seattle is my second home! :)

  168. Hi Laylita: I want to thank you for taking the time and energy to put together this food blog that my Ecuadorian friends and I (I’m a “Gringa”) are enjoying so much. This Saturday a group of friends will get together to try your recipe for Caldo de Bolas de Verde. The only problem is that we can only access the recipe in English and most of my friends are really only fluent in Spanish. Could you possible email me the recipe if it in fact exists in Spanish. We would so much appreciate it. We have tried so many of your other recipes and just love them and the beautiful photos. You are helping to make many dislocated Ecuadorians feel at home no mater what country they are actually living in. Best regards, Tricia

  169. Please come back!!!!

  170. I found your blog while searching for a good patacones recipe! I spent last summer in Ecuador and have craved ceviche and patacones almost weekly since returning to Kansas City. Unfortunately, we don’t have a great selection of fresh seafood, but I’m excited to try your other Ecuadorian recipes and share the delicious food with my friends and family. Thanks!

  171. Carolina says:

    Hi Laylita,

    I love your web page! I’m from Ecuador and I’m currently living in Seattle. I’m pregnant and craving for ecuadorian food like crazy. I haven’t found food that could be similar to the ones of my country. Because I feel horrible when I cook I was wondering where to find a good restaurant in Seattle that could have ecuadorian food. Maybe you can help me out.
    Thanks y muchos exitos!

    Hi Carolina – I haven’t found any Ecuadorian restaurants in Seattle, however there is a good Peruvian restaurant in Portland called Andina. It has dishes that are very similar to typical Ecuadorian dishes.


  172. Hi Layla
    Just found your blog whilst searching for the cheese empanada with sugar recipe that I had at a rooftop restaurant in Quito last year. The food looks amazing & I can’t wait to try something out!!
    I will have to hunt through the site for the potato soup topped with avocado – yum!

    I’m sure someone has already posted this to the comments, but tree tomatoes are known here in Australia as Tamarillos (but now thinking that sounds Spanish so you probably already know that :-) ) so maybe they are available under a different name.

    Best wishes,

  173. Hola,
    I stumbled up on your site when I searched for a pan de yuca recipe. I too am from Ecuador. But have been living in the States for almost 18 years… wow
    I miss it SO much. I’ve only been back once, cannot wait to visit again.
    I’m pregnant with my third bundle of joy and have been craving pan de yuca! I have such a nostalgic feeling for them. It was one of my favorite snacks… oh and don’t get me started with the delicious yogurt smoothies my favorite was naranjilla and mora yum…
    Look forward to exploring your site :)
    Ana, Houston Tx

  174. Hi Laylita,
    I just wanted to say what a joy it was to find your site when I was trying to think of how to combine pomegranate with salmon. Your food is amazing and I love your philosophy also – it makes the idea of a trip to Ecuador all the more enticing!
    Nicole – Melbourne, Australia

  175. Hi Laylita, I don’t know if you go on as often but i just wanted to say that your recipes are amazing, it really helped me get more in touch with Ecuador since i haven’t been there in years. It brings back childhood memories from the smells and tastes.
    I’m glad you made this.
    I am curious, do you know how to make those delicious fried fish they sell at these little houses by the beach in salinas o playas, they serve it with onions and rice. I always wanted to figure out what kind of fish they used and how they made them, because when i was little i wasn’t a big fan of fish but this was the only one i loved.

    Thank you again for the recipes and your effort =]

    Katerina, NY

  176. I’m so thrilled to have found your site! When I came back to the states from Ecuador I was so sad thinking I would be forced to learn how to live without my Sunday morning encebollado ritual- but now I am able to make it for all my friends and family :) I’m having so much fun trying your recipes! You make it so fun and easy to make the best food! Keep up the good work!

  177. Que maravilla de pagina!! Finalmente puedo compartir ademas de en la mesa la riqueza de nuestra comida! Lo compartire enseguida con mi familia y a amigos Ingleses que siempre son curiosos por probar nuestras delicias. Gracias y adelante! :) Isabel – UK

  178. Laylita-

    I lived in Guayaquil in 2006 and have had intense cravings since returning to the states. Thank you so much for your recipes. It gives me a little piece of my second home.

  179. My Mom told me about your website today and I love it! My Dad’s from Ecuador and I’ve always wanted to cook more recipes from there. Now I can with your help of course!! Thank you! I’m making Fritada de chancho tonight…wish me luck! Hopefully my husband (who is also a chef) and young daughter will enjoy tonight’s dinner.

    Martha from Boston

  180. WOW!
    i LOVE your website!
    I’m Ecuadorian, and adore my country’s food, and I’m so amazed how you’ve captured its essence! It looks just like my mom’s cooking!

  181. Oswaldo Rodriguez says:

    I am very happy to know that I am not the only one who is still amazed of the wonders of Ecuador. Your website is a perfect description of my beautiful country. I am in the process of starting a company in Ecuador (food related) to utilize the unique flavor of fruits and promote to the rest of the world. Your passion fruit dessert is a demonstration of the many unique things that we have in Ecuador. I agree, I love babacos, a flavor that has a lot of potential for ice cream or desserts.

  182. tus recetas son muy buenas, mi esposa y yo tenemos un grupo de amigos que nos reunimos casa mes for dinner club, siempre trato de hacer algo de mi pais ecuador, de las islas galapagos, pero a hora me es mas facil, por que siempre tengo ayuda de tu webside, gracias por todo, yo vivo en usa en walla walla washington gracias por todo la ayuda

  183. Bill / Guillermo says:


    ¿Cuando estuviste en Vilcabamba? Desde hace siete años paso cuatro o mas meces ahi cada año, y tengo un terreno en las alturas del valle de Malacatos.

    Every place I go makes its own aji, so there must be thousands of recipes, some of which are determined by what’s at hand. I’ve had everything from dried aji (Peruvian influence?) made from ground pumpkin seeds with spices, to aji made like thin pesto from basil/albahaca, pumpkin seeds (a good substitute for pine nuts), and chiles. And, from green or red tomatoes, etc. All have been delicious, though some go better with some foods, and others with others.

    Muchisimas thanks for the recipes!

  184. Hello, I found your interesting blog when seeking recipes using banana flour. Thank you for sharing so much. Did you ever use banana flour in your cooking?

  185. Hello Laylita! I am an Ecuadorian-American college student in California. Your website has really helped me in cooking all my favorite Ecuadorian dishes. I haven’t really cooked that much but it really makes it easy for me to follow. Thank you so much!

  186. Laylita,
    Thanks for the wonderful website. Do you have a recipe for Hayacas Ecuatorianas? I can’t find a recipe anywhere!

  187. Hola Layla!

    This is seriously the most amazing food blog ever! For me, at least. I was also born in Ecuador (Manta and then moved to Quito) and am now living in the States. However, my parents, being Chinese, never cooked Ecuadorian food so I never learned. I was looking for a recipe to make mote since I got a bag from last visit and came across your blog.

    The photos are beautiful and evoke the wonderful smells and textures of all the yummy food I miss! I’m definitely going to try your recipes.

    Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this blog.

  188. Hello! Thanks for the great recipes. I am living in Vilca, and so glad to find you site.
    Lived in Manta and we ate Aji picante there with lunch, or ceviche with plantains, but I
    cannot find the recipe. Do you have a recipe for Aji, or picante with tree tomatoes?

    Here is the recipe for tree tomato aji: http://laylita.com/recipes/2008/03/10/tree-tomato-aji/

  189. Que Chévere! I adore your site. You do have the best pictures and recipes out there. I lived mostly in la costa, particularly Guayaquil and Guasmo, for a few years. I especially love soups with yucca or verdes. I try to shop my local Latino markets for Ecuadorian food but really needed some of these wonderful recipes to bring back the memories. For years I’ve tried to remember how to make Colada or Quaker but never could get it right. Layla please keep up this good work, y Buen Provecho.

  190. Hey Layla,

    My 16 year old daughter arrived in Córdoba Argentina three weeks ago for a 1 year exchange with Rotary International. While her stomach is adjusting from a mainly vegetable and fruit diet, (Ontario style) to the more robust fare of Argentina – my own stomach growls as she describes the empanadas, asado and other culinary delights she is discovering.

    I know your site will be a fabulous source as I try and sample (vicariously) some of the tastes of South America she will be exposed to.

    Just off to buy some tamarillos at our local grocery store. We are blessed here with a truly international selection of foodstuffs in our rural supermarket thanks to our seasonal friends who come and help at harvest time.

  191. Hi Laylita – I love your blog and you’ve single-handedly ‘hooked’ me into discovering the food and flavors of South America. I’m a former winemaker and spend most of my cooking time in the French/Italian vein. My sons live in Seattle and we visit frequently. During our last trip we tried your Peruvian goat stew recipe which was a gigantic hit. It also led us to the little Latin American store across from Pike’s Market which supplied us with the piloncillo, chicha, and achiote called for in the recipe.

    We are visiting Seattle again the first week in September and I wanted to ask if you could recommend any Latin American restaurants.

    Thanks again for providing these great recipes. We are looking forward to trying many more.

  192. Hi Laylita, I made your pan de yucca yesterday and it came out perfect! My boyfriend is from Ecuador and we travel there frequently. I always look forward to the pan de yucca in his country. But, with your recipe I can have it everyday! Thank you for posting your recipes. I’m going to try your empanada de viento recipe today.

  193. Maria Dolores says:

    Hi Laylita, thanks a lot for your recipes and the way you made it, make it easy. I’m from Ecuador living in Switzerland and is nice to try to cook something from my country, Thanks a lot one more time to take your time and share with us. I saw the pictures of your family thanks for sharing that with us.
    thanks one more time

  194. Michelle says:

    Thank you for sharing such fantastic Ecuadorian recipes!!! They remind me so much of my grandmother’s cooking which I have been trying to figure out for years! I am so excited to make these recipes with my son now and pass down a taste of our Ecuadorian heritage:) One request if you have it… the recipe for quimbolitos. They are the best!!! Thanks again!

  195. Dear genius in the kitchen-

    I love love love this website! Especially all the pictures! I can’t wait to start cooking, the problem is I can’t decided what I want to try first!

    Thank you!

  196. I’ve missed my mother’s guatita for so long that I cannot wait anymore. I decided to make my own. Thank you for the recipe. You’re a life saver (for my 43-y.o. tummy).

  197. Dear Layla,

    Thank you so much for your recipies! I am from Ecuador but never cooked before! Have you ever thought of taping (ala cooking show) your recipies and uploading them on youtube?

  198. ¡Hola!

    Soy puertorriqueña pero llevo 26 años viviendo en los Estados Unidos. Actualmente vivo en Fort Smith, Arkansas y te cuento que el mejor restaurante de la ciudad se llama “Rolando’s” . El dueño y cheff es Rolando Cuzco y es ecuatoriano. ¡La comida es divina! Estoy muy contenta de haber encontrado tu página pues así puedo experimentar con recetas del Ecuador … y ahorrarme el dinero comiendo rico en casa:-D. ¡Me encantan tus recetas, y qué fáciles son de hacer! El jueves preparé el salmón con salsa de aguacate. Lo serví con arroz blanco y patacones como Dios manda y quedó riquísimo. Gracias por compartir tus suculentas recetas con nosotros, y como dicen por acá: KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!!!

  199. lapin poro says:

    wow, this is one great piece of work. or art! thanks for this website, thanks for inspiration. yesterday i cooked the encocado de pescado according to your recipe and my ecuadorian boyfriend was in heaven!:) i’ve never been to e. but i am falling in love with bf, with the country and obviously with this amazing food! thanks again! all the best, k.

  200. HI! Was searching the web to see if anyone had found Naranjilla anywhere in Seattle (I live in Everett) and your site came up. Anyways I’m subscribed to your site now for all the recipes and 10 minutes ago I just ordered 2 packets of Naranjilla seeds (10 seeds each) and I’m going to try and grow them indoors to see what happens.

    I might have to make a stop in Bellevue though to check out the frozen ones you mentioned.

    Anyways, keep up the good work, and maybe I’ll have a small harvest of them in the future.

  201. Elisa Pacheco says:


    i truly love your website and everything on it :]
    i am from Ecuador and you can’t imagine how happy it made me to see easy to follow recipes of the foods i ate as a little girl :]
    THANK YOU !!!


  202. Laylita,

    I just found your blog as I was searching Google for “sturgeon recpies”. Made it immediately. Could be the best fish I ever made (and I eat a lot of fish). Also made your curtido and served it (sans tomatoes) with avocado slices. A baked yam completed the menu.

    The site is delightful. I took a leisurely walk through it. The recipes look terrific; I’m so glad to be finding new and better ways to use herbs and seasonings. As lots of people have noted, the photographs are beautiful and useful. I love that you suggest side dishes or accompaniments.

    Thank you for effort and your willingness to share the bounty.


  203. Layla, ¡buenísimo tu blog! Ya estás “bookmarked” y te pido permiso para poner un link desde el mío. Tengo algunas recetas venezolanas, por si te interesa experimentar.

    ¡Se me hizo agua la boca con los llapingachos! Ya mismo los voy a preparar…

    Saludos desde Dublín,

  204. junecutie says:

    Sorry Layla,
    I just read through the top portion of your introduction and found the answer to my question. I am definitely going to try the cheese empanada recipe really soon. It sounds like heaven to me, with my addiction to all things fried! Thanks again.


  205. junecutie says:

    Hi Laylita,
    I just stumbled upon your blog, and I am already in love with your recipes and your style of writing. I am really looking forward to seeing many more examples of both. By the way, what is the name of the dish that is on the far left side of your blog header? It looks like a yummy fried dish like batter fried eggplant, maybe. I love, love, love fried things, even though it’s not exactly health food, but life is too short to avoid eating yummy foods. Anyway, that’s what I tell myself. Thanks.


  206. Hola nena, genial tu sitio, gracias por las recetas hermosas. mi nombre es itzel, vivi 20 años en vancouver, canada, i came back to latin america 5 years ago, and have found my love for food to become an obsession, i just finished my studies to become a pastry chef in buenos aires, next week i have my exames!!! all based on french and europa cooking. and i bumped into your site, it is so refreshing to see recipes from all over latin america. we spend so much time looking at how others cook and forget we can cook! thanks for the beautiful reminder. mucha mierda con tu proyecto! suerte desde buenos aires.

  207. Hey Laylita, estaba leyendo tu biografia y te cuento vivo al otro lado del agua de Seattle!mis hermanas me recomendaron tu website, yo nunca cocino comida ecuatoriana (aunque soy bien guayaca), pero hice los yapingachos y quedaron sucu. Congrats!

  208. Layla,

    I just came across your site and I love it. I’m American, but my wife is Venezuelan and we also live in Seattle. I absolutely love Latin American food and I’m always striving to make more and more. Your recipes have just given me a lot more inspiration.


  209. Hi Laylita,

    I just have to say, your website is beautiful. The photography is gorgeous. I lived in Ecuador for a few years and married a Quiteño who lived here in USA, I actually met him when I we were 10 years old in Sydney, Australia (where I am from). His half brother is married to my mothers sister so I think it was destiny !!!

    Anyway, I found your site by accident tonight when I was ‘googling” a recipe for tostada. We are going home to Australia after the US summer and will definitely be using your website back home in Sydney. I also sent it to my brother in Sydney who is a Chef, he also lived in Ecuador for a few years and loves to show his aussie friends the cuisine from Ecuador.

    Do you have a cookbook? I would buy it in a snap!

    thank you

  210. Your recipes are fantastic. I have a colombian husband, and brother in law from Quito…so the food is all too familiar to me. Aunque soy americana, I love South American food. Please keep the recipes coming! I love the step by step photos, and pictures of the finished product. Even though I may not post a comment on everything I have tried, I do visit your page often and look for new things :) Gracias por la pagina!

  211. Laylita,

    My fiance is Peruvian and while I enjoy the food she prepares I’m sending her to this website to learn how to cook a few Ecuadorean dishes. I am first generation American, parents are from Portoviejo and Milagro, and I love Ecuadorean food!!

    Thanks so much!!

    Fabricio Bermeo

  212. Laylita,

    You rock! Thanks for putting Ecuadorian food on the map! Just got back from Ecuador from spending to beautiful weeks there. Atacames, Quito, Baños, Ambato, etc. Que hermoso!

    Estamos en contacto!

    Nashville, TN

  213. Hi Laylita, I’m writing from Sydney, Australia and i’m hoping you can post a recipie for espumilla. I was born Ambato and one the best memories of my childhood is enjoying this dessert in the streets of my former hometowm. Hope you can help. Gracias Maidee

  214. Hi Laylita;

    I found your website today I’m so delighted. Congratulations!

    We have the same passion for food…I love to cook, read cookbooks, find fantastic food markets and Restaurants in Miami (where I live at the moment) and around the World… Like you I have a Latin background. I design cake and of course love to bake. I have a website but I never published. I have it just for my friends.

    I wish you all the best with this website and consider me a follower.

    Best Regards,


  215. Hi Laylita,

    I know you have heard this over and over again, but way to go with this website. The pictures are fantastic!
    I am originally from Ecuador but moved to the US when I was 14 and never really learned to cook any Ecuadorian food.
    My hubby is greek and this year I have invited the greeks and ecuadorians for Christmas dinner. I’m trying to keep it as authentic as possible. I’m planning on making turkey, ceviche and some sort of rice. I know this last minute but any ideas on a good rice recipe?
    Thanks for sharing all these great recipes!

  216. I have been living outside my beloved Ecuador for the last 10 years (currently in the UK). Looking at the pictures and recipes in your blog warmed up my soul in these cold winter days. I am SOOOOO going to try a few of them, starting with the encebollado.

  217. Laylita!!

    I love your site!
    love it love it love it

  218. Hi Laylita – What a fab site! I was just doing a quick search for ceviche for some of my friends here in Ireland (I’ve done my version a few times and they loved it so I’ve told them to go make it their own!) and this is by far the best site I’ve come across for Ecuadorian food!

    It’s bringing back so many memories of my time there in Bahia de Caraquez and I’m seriously craving chifles and patacones as I look out at the grey Irish skies! I keep searching for platain when I go to the supermarket but I’m afraid we;re just too obcessed with potatos to have much demand for them outside of Dublin!

    Well as soon as I get my hands on some I’ll be back here for inspiration and in the mean time I’m starving!! I’ll have to settle for some tea and brown bread for now!

    Keep up the most excellent work!


  219. Stephanie says:

    This is the best website for authentic Ecuadorian food I have found, thank you for making this “database” of the best recipes of one of the best cuisines in the world!!!, I am so excited about having stumbled upon it, it also has great recipes from Loja, it’s just great! thank you!

  220. Sus recetas me parecen muy sabrosas, soy fan de la quinoa y sus recetas meparecen las mejores.
    Dios le siga bendiciendo

  221. Laylita:

    In searching the internet and trying to find some Ecuadorian recipes, I found your website and it is indeed marvelous!! Gracis!

    I again think that your website is perfect and thank you for all the recipes. My husband and I have just moved from Canada to Ecuador and have been enjoying the food and looking for cookbooks for recipes for the delicious salads and ceviches that we have tried.

    I will definitely be trying some of the recipes soon and thank you for taking the time to share these recipes.

    The instructions are great for each recipe and you should not be able to go wrong.

    Saludos from Bahia de Caraquez


  222. Hi Layla,

    I just got married & am not a great cook to say the least. I am always looking for recipes online to cook for dinner but have a hard time following the recipes since a lot of them have no pictures so I was pleasantly surprised to find your site through google. All the food featured on your site looks so delicious & amazing. I cannot wait try all of your recipes. The best part about your site are the pictures you take of your process. It is unbelievably helpful to me. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your recipes. I look forward to discover new dishes to cook from your site =)

    Many Thanks,


  223. Dear Layla, what great surprise to find a recipe for Empanadas de Viento they look exactly how my
    mother used to make I`m from Quito and I m involve with food as well I work for Alain Ducasse .
    i was looking your recipes I loved them they look so Yuummy!! my kids are going to savour the Ecuadorian menu today and I agree with your son you are a good cook or I should said Chef
    Congratulations and thanks for bring me good memories of my chidhood
    Henry Aguilar.
    God bless you

  224. Hola Laylita, Yo soy ecuatoriano y vivo en el area de la bahia en San Francisco. Me gusta cocinar y sobre todo me encanta comer una buena comida. Hasta el dia de hoy, tu pagina web es la mejor fuente de informacion de comida ecuatoriana que he encontrado. He cocinado junto con mi esposa algunas de tus recetas y dejame decirte que he estado encantado con los resultados; nada como comer una comida ecuatoriana fuera de tu pais.
    Solamente queria felicitarte por el excepcional trabajo que has hecho para hacer estas recetas especialmente las fotos de los pasos en cada comida. Gracias por permitirme disfrutar de una de las cosas que mas extrano de mi pais… la comida ecuatoriana.

    Voy a traducir esto para que otras personas puedan entenderlo

    Hi Laylita, I am from Ecuador and I live in the San Francisco bay area. I like to cook, but best of all I love to eat a good meal. By far, your Website is the best source of Ecuadorian food information that I have found. I have cooked with my wife some of your recipes, and let me tell you that I have been charmed with the results; nothing like eating Ecuadorian food outside of your country.
    I just wanted to congratulate you for the exceptional work you have done to make these recipes, specially the pictures for the steps in each meal. Thank you for letting me enjoy one of the things that I miss the most from my country… the Ecuadorian food.

  225. Hi Layla,

    we stumbled on your website looking for the recipe of the Ecuadorian hornado, which we tried at a South American festival in London last weekend and just loved!

    We are a *mixed* couple as well as I am Italian and Rob is English, and we have great fun cooking dishes from our own countries. But we love good food in general and your website is really well made, so congratulations for it and keep up the great work!

  226. Layla, Wow… What a great surprise to find your website. It is marvelous!

    I love to cook; I have traveled a lot through Ecuador in the last few years and I have really fallen in love with this place. Your website is wonderful and so are all your recipes… Thank you SO MUCH for sharing them. I have become close friends with a family in Ambato and they just spent 4 weeks visiting my home here in Atlanta and went back To Ecuador last Sunday. I wish I had found your site sooner because my friend Carmela would have enjoyed it (I will send her the link).

    Incidentally… To Fanny Jessenia… If you read this; welcome to Georgia! I live on the west side of Atlanta and I have other friends who live here in Atlanta who are from Equador also.

    Muchos Saludos desde Atlanta,
    Bud G.

  227. Hi, Layla…
    I would like to commend you on a wonderful website… I was in the process of looking for a good aji sauce and I came across your website by accident… I must say that I am glad I clicked on your link…! I am of Puertorican decent and I love Ecuadorian, Columbian and Peruvian food with a passion… I am excited about trying your recipes on my family… Your step by step instructions and photographs are EXCELLENT… Thanks again, your newest FAN, Norma

  228. Hello Laylita
    I was searching for “llapingachos” on Google when you were the first on the list. I was born in Ecuador and I will never forget the original taste of the llapingachos. My wife is from Lithuania and cooks something similar but your recipe probe to be the best. My kids love the “llapingachos” with lots of Ketchup. I guess we added the american way for the llapingachos. Keep up with your great blog and work.

  229. I didn’t expect to find any recipes or instructions when I did a search for “helado de paila”. It is a disappearing traditional food – only to be enjoyed in an ever-diminishing number of little shops off the beaten path in Ecuador. My pleasant surprise at finding your recipe quickly gave way to elation when I learned that I had discovered not one recipe but a beautiful and painstakingly detailed website dedicated to Ecuadorian cuisine. I’m charmed to see the labor of love you’re sharing with the world.

    During my years in Ecuador, I earned fame among my friends as the gringo that was “más ecuatoriano que uno” due to my penchant for street vendors and traditional foods. I’m excited to explore your recipes and rediscover some old favorites. Many thanks!

  230. Fanny Jessenia says:

    Good Morning, It was a blessing find your recepies. I’m Ecuadorian, from Ambato and now I live in Georgia in the north side, here I think, I’m the only Ecuadorian, then when I cook, the people always ask: how do you that?, I’m sending your link to all my American friends and they are delighted, and we are planing to prepare together your wanderfull recepies. I have a question for you, when I prepare quimbolitos, the difficult part is find the “Achira Leaves” to wrap the quimbolito, do you know the cientific name to try to buy some bulbs and plant it at home? or maybe, have you been try with other leaves to wrap it up?. Thank you again, my God bless you and your beautiful family.

    Hi Fanny – I use banana leaves to wrap the quimbolitos, I buy packs of the frozen leaves in the latin grocery market (same thing also applies to Ecuadorian tamales). Previously, before I could find the frozen banana leaves I used foil/parchment paper.

  231. carolines says:

    I made your tilapia ceviche this week and it was outstanding!

  232. Laylita,
    I love your website. My husband is Ecuadorian. Most of his family lives in the states and I get recipes from his mom but I like to venture out and learn how to make different things to show my cooking ability :-) Your site really helps me do this. I am looking forward to hearing your response to an email that I sent you earlier today.
    I am making my own “cook book” for my girls based off of your recipes. It makes it easier for them to learn how to make traditional dishes as well.

  233. hello. thanks for sharing your recipes. empanada dough led me here. i’ve tried other dough recipes but your sweet empanada dough hit the spot. thanks again.

  234. I’m americana de sangre, ecuatoriana de corazón, wishing I was back where I grew up (Ecuador – Quito/Pifo/Papallacta area) but living in the Midwest US — and although I have several recipe books from Ecuador, yours have much more detailed explanations of ingredients so I can FIND the stuff up here! Yay! Now if I could only figure out how to use the harina de plátano, cebada, and cebada tostada I have on hand… suggestions? Growing up, every time I tried to learn from someone, they always did it so fast/haphazardly I couldn’t follow! I’ve managed to cook a pretty good fritada, my ceviche (which I figured out on my own by experimenting with flavors) follows yours almost exactly, much to my delight; my llapingachos were okay, but I have no doubt your suggestions for potato type will be very helpful (I was trying to use the Yukon Gold) … I would dearly love a good recipe for empanadas de carne, Locro de Papas, and help on how to find choclo here in the U.S. to make humitas de sal (as it stands I am stuck with fresh/frozen humitas, but they’re better than none!! I’ll be making your ají today — the frozen tomate de árbol and ají peppers have been waiting in my freezer for me to do just that as soon as I found the recipe!! Can hardly wait! ¡I miss my ají! Do you have a suggestion for how to use canned tomate de árbol, or canned naranjillas? I have found the syrup or whatever it is they put them in changes the flavor dramatically and I’m not even sure what to do with them that way.

    Hi Donna – Thank you for your comment! I can relate to everything you say ! To answer some of your questions: you can make colada (just like colada de avena or quaker) with the harina de platano, you can make sopa de cebada (with some potatoes and meat or cheese). For humitas, I’ve had pretty good results using the corn here, my suggestion is to buy the corn later in the season (the fresh younger corn is sweeter and more liquid) and then add corn flour to make the humita mix starchier and less sweet.
    Are the canned tomates de arbol and naranjillas in a sweet syrup? I just bought some like that and am thinking about using them to make a sweet dessert sauce to serve on top of bizcochuelos or ice cream. Another idea (if you like cocktails) is to use them for cocktails (you can puree the fruits and make fruity pisco sours or mix the puree with some condensed milk and aguardiente or cachaca).

  235. Wow! I’m so happy I came across your website! I’m looking forward to making these Ecuadorian dishes that remind me of my childhood! I love how you have a picture of every step! Thank you so much!!!

  236. Maracucha25 says:

    Hi Layla:
    I just dicovered your blog today and I´m in love!! Tambien soy latinoamericana y me encantan tus fotos y lo sofisticada que haces cada receta… me declaro tu fan nº 1!

  237. Laylita,

    love the website. especially the pictures of each dish. there’s nothing worse than having a recipe with no idea of how the finished product should look like.

  238. I stumbled upon your site – I love Ecuadorian food! Some of these receipes bring back so many memories for me!

  239. John Russo says:

    Hi Laylita,

    As a child, with a little help from a friend from Bolivia, I was eating the Empanadas Mendocinas and was in love at first bite. Since then, my childhood friend’s family moved 1000 miles away and that put a halt to my Empanada source. I have been looking at recreating the South American treat I had as a child and after years of searching I found your site!! Thank you for posting your wonderful recipes and beautiful pictures, you’re a star!!!

  240. Hi Laylita – I just found your website, and I love it! I made fanesca today, and looking around at recipes I found your site. I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Zamora-Chinchipe, and count many Lojanos as dear friends – Loja is one of my favorite cities, so many good memories there. Your recipes and photos are amazing and beautiful, and I will be coming back any time I have a craving for Ecuadorian food. Please keep up the amazing work, and I would be first in line if you ever have a cookbook coming out!

  241. Lizette R. says:

    Hi Laylita!

    Thank you for your truly wonderful website. I made your beef Empanada Recipe, and they came out perfect, just like your photos! I was terrified of the dough (because I’m not a baker) and it was so easy and wonderful! The filling was fantastic. I had a friend that was from Equador and she used to make this outstanding seafood rice dish. I never caught the name of it, but it had baby shrimps, octopus, clams, peas and who knows what else. It was delicious. Any thoughts? Also, a book with your fantastic photos and easy step by step instructions would be great! For me, and for giving as gifts as well. I hope it’s been a consideration on your part.

    Lizette R
    Orange County, Ca

  242. Hello, Laylita! I just returned from a week in the northern Sierra (in and around Cotacachi), and completely fell in love with Ecuador. I was on a scouting trip for a home, as my family is planning to move within the year. While there, we fell in love with the food, but especially the salsa de aji, which we vowed to make as soon as we returned to the US. Unfortunately, good recipes are hard to come by, and I actually found your site while searching on the term “cebolla paiteña”, one of the aji ingredients I came across (I guess the closest thing in the US is the shallot, as you’ve mentioned).

    I’ve looked for a recipe similar to the one we had (there are so many, but none using all the ingredients we were told were in the aji we had in Cotacachi…they seem to be closer to the aji we had in Quito, which may as well have been a different sauce altogether). It is clearly a condiment that varies significantly according to region. I guess we’ll just have to be content with the memories!

    So thrilled to have found your website, so that we can re-create some of our favorites. Now, if you can just get me that aji recipe. :) Best wishes! Tracy

  243. I eat Pupusas at a mexican restaurant here in Tulsa and have not been able to find a recipe for them anywhere. They are absolutely delicous and a favorite of mine and my husbands. We were told it was an Ecuadorian recipe and I hoped that you have had them or know how to make them. If so can you feature them on your site or email a recipe to me?

    Hi Susan – I love pupusas, but they are a typical dish from El Salvador, they are also very popular in Guatemala and Honduras. I haven’t tried making them yet, but if I do I will post the recipe. Here are a few recipes I found for pupusas:

  244. Roman Maspons says:

    Hola como estás. Llegúe a tu página por accidente pero llevo más de una hora viendo las recetas, solo te puedo decir que me dió mucha hambre. Soy de Guayaquil, Ecuador.
    Una pregunta, al buscar más info de la página llegué al “about” y vi tu foto. De casualidad tu no estudiaste una época en el ITV en guayaquil?
    Solo curiosidad jaja, en todo caso saludos y muchas felicitaciones por la página, de verdad está muy práctica y útil. Hoy cocinaré jaja.

    Hola Roman – Si estuve en el ITV y claro que me acuerdo de ti, como estas? Que coincidencia que nos encontremos por aqui.

  245. Jennifer says:

    Thank you I love your recipes. My husband is from Ecuador and now I can make him some food he misses from home. It is difficult for his mom to give me recipes cause we do not have the things here that they have there but you make it so easy. Thank you.

  246. Hi Laylita, I was looking for info on stewed goat and stumbled upon your site. The pictures are amazing and the receipes seem easy to follow. I would like to be able to save the pictures of the chivo. Would you please consider? thanks so much!

    Hi Reese – If you click on the print option you can print the entire recipe including pictures. I don’t mind if you save the pictures as long as they are not posted or published without my permission.

  247. Hi Laylita,
    We clicked on the link in our email to confirm our subscription and it brought us here. So just wanted to let you know that we’d love to subscribe to your recipes :)

  248. Hola Layla,

    Today I was looking for a recipe for Arroz con Camarones and came across your website. Thanks a million, I went to the store and bought all the ingredients and made it for dinner. It is really scrumptious!!!! I have eaten this dish many times but for some reason could not get the taste I wanted and by following your recipe I discovered the secret is in boiling the shrimp before you peel them…

    By the way, I am going to try to make the mango ceviche as soon as I find good ones at my local asian market. Also want to tell you that the last time I was in Costa Rica, I tried a ceviche made with boiled green plantains, their version of a vegetarian/vegan ceviche which was simply delicious.
    The ingredients are almost the same as for mango or seafood but substituting it for the plantains.

    Regards from your new salvadorean friend in Houston, TX


  249. HI :)
    I love your cooking. It is so refreshing to see so many healthy options that are done tasefully and look beautiful They are hard to come across these days. I am really interested in the Ensalada de quinua con cebollas curtidas or quinoa salad with pickled onions, however, the picture is there but not the recipe. Has the posting been removed?
    I look forward to tyring it.
    Thank you,

    Hi Daena – Thank you for your comment, the recipe for the quinua salad is here: http://laylita.com/recipes/2009/03/02/ensalada-de-quinua-or-quinoa-salad-pickled-onions/

  250. Hola Laylita,

    I’m from Ecuador (Ambato) now living in Michigan. I married an american guy and of course
    I wanted to introduce him to ecuadorian food. One day I was looking for a specific recipe,
    then I came across your web site. Boy, I was very impressed. I have to tell you girl you web side is AWESOME!!!!. :) GREAT JOB!!!!! I like to cook, but sometimes is hard to follow recipes for different reasons. Either they are not clear, the ingredients are hard to find or they are so long that by the time you finish reading the instructions you are not interested in making it hahaha. (maybe it’s just me:)
    Anyway, I love how you present each of your recipes. I’m sure you have already heard it before :), but your web site is soo easy to follow. I love your pictures, stories behind each dish and of course the step by step instructions. You are definitely a wonderful communicator.
    At first I thought you were ecuadorian :) the way you carefully explain about the ingredients and the origin of each dish. Not to mention how knowlegeable you are about the food you made :)
    Thank you soooo much for putting out this web site. I LOVE It!!!
    By the way, you have a very sweet family.

  251. Beautiful blog – well done.

  252. Hi Layla, I’m so glad I found your blog.

    I’m in Quito and feel happy I can actually get all the ingredients of your recipes.

    Love Vilcabamba as well. I hope we can meet one day.

  253. Wow! I was searching for a platano with cheese recipe when I found your beautiful and mouth-watering site. I have book-marked you and will be back often.
    Also, I recently did a round-up of Latina bloggers, please consider coming to introduce yourself and adding our link: http://www.bilingualintheboonies.com/2009/02/looking-for-all-latina-bloggers.html

    Very, very best,

  254. Thank you Laylita I’m looking forward to all your delicious recipes.I love cooking and so, to your health.

  255. Hola Layla,

    I came across your site after reading an article on The New York Times website (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/02/11/dining/11immi.html?scp=5&sq=after work&st=cse) about what immigrants living in NYC cook after coming home from work. The article mentions “guatita”, the Ecuadorean delight. I googled it and came across this site and immediately became a fan.

    I am from the Dominican Republic and absolutely love cooking and trying new cuisines, coming across this site made my day.



  256. Wow! I’m so excited I found this site! I just spent 2 years in Quito, Santo Domingo, and Otavalo and I LOVE everything I’ve found on your site. Expect me back here at least once a week to praise another ecuadorian dish. That french stew looks dynamite as well. Thanks especially for the encebollado recipe. I would die without it! Thanks again


  257. Hola Layla,
    Estaba mirando tus recetas y son fantasticas, te cuento que extraño mucho la comida Ecuatoriana tanto como a mi familia. Mi esposo es americano/italiano y su comida favorita es la de Ecuador por supuesto!!!!! La receta de la “guatita” es extraordinaria, antes de leer tu receta yo preparaba la guatita de diferente manera y sentia que le hacia falta algo. Me encanto tratar tu receta. Cuando la prepare para la cena todos quedamos encantados.
    Gracias por Compartir tus recetas…… con esas fotos maravillosas que solamente con verlas a veces no es necesario leer las recetas porque estan tomadas en una forma muy profesional y artistica.

    Muchos Saludos desde New York

  258. Hola Laylita,

    No más quiero agradecerte por la obra excelente que es tu blog. Hace cuatro años viví en Quito por un tiempo. Me enamoré de la comida, pero no aprendí cómo cocinar la mayoría de los platos que más me gustaron. Pasé la Navidad en Bogotá, y de allí pasé el año nuevo en Quito. Volví con muchísimas ganas de cocinar TODO (me encanta cocinar y siempre lo hago). En fin, tu blog me ayudó mucho. Anoche hice una gran cena para los padres de mi pareja como un regalo navideño. Hice llapingachos con salsa de maní como una entrada, con batidos de naranjilla con crema. También hice un seco de pollo, acompañado con arroz amarillo, aguacate, yuca frita, maduros fritos, curtido/encebollado (así lo llama mi familia quiteña anfitriona), ají de tomate de arbol. Para el postre comimos queso fresco con pasta/dulce de guayaba y manjar. Todo salio muy bien y estuvo riquisísimo. Muchas gracias por compartir tus recetas, y por poner fotos del proceso porque eso también ayuda mucho.

    Un abrazo desde Minneapolis,

  259. Hi Layla,
    My wife is from Ecuador, from La Provincia del Oro, not far from Loja where we visited about a year ago.
    I just returned from a trip to Puerto Lopez in Manabis, it was great and I am writing about it now. Since I found your site I have put up your link as I think what you do is exceptional, we have something in common, my mother is French.
    Hope you will visit my site and post a comment. Oh yeah, by the way I love your rice recipe, I am a chef by profession and your recipe is definitely the best! (shhhh, better than my wife’s and she’s Ecuadorian!)

    Muchisimas gracias!


    Hi Jeremy – I’ve been to Machala (in El Oro) several times, they have some really good seafood dishes! Thanks for the link, I am checking out your site right now and really like it, the pictures make miss Ecuador!

  260. Great site! Beautiful photos and delicious food! What type of camera do you use?

    Thank you, I use a Sony DSC-R1.

  261. I just returned from a month in a Vilcabamba (I was also there last year, and for two months in the summer…Vilcatrampa indeed). So anyway, I went online to look for a humitas recipe and yours is the first website I opened…and was tickled to know you grew up in Vilca. Ah, synchroncities.

  262. Allison A says:

    I am so happy to have found your site! My husband’s family is from Cuenca and I’ve been to Loja and the Vilcabamba area. The Ecuadorean recipes I have found previously all seem to be Guayaquil-area and you know that Cuenca/Azuay is just not the same! Thank you, it will be wonderful to share this with my children! If you have any suggestions for something I should try first that a five year old will love, let me know!

    Hi Allison – I’m glad you found the site and that you like it, there are a lot of differences between the dishes from the Coast and the Highlands, so hopefully you can find some that are more typical of Cuenca. My kids love the locro de papas soup, very easy and quick to make, as well as perfect for this time of the year.

  263. Wow!! I have to say.. that I think you are awesome!.. I came across your website b/c I googled a recipe for a “ceviche”. Your recipes are great and the pictures are just expectacular.. I think that the pictures are key to learning how to cook. I’am more of a visual person and your pictures..talk to me!! I love ecuadorian food…

    Are you planning on hosting your own cooking show?



  264. m. almendra says:

    Hola que tal? me encanta tu pagina!! I use this page whenever I need a fresh idea for a good meal. Good job, keep it up!

  265. Very cool, I am glad I found this. I was searching for ceviche de pulpo and found this. I live in Quito so it’s nice to find Ecuadorian recipes. Great blog!

  266. Well done, Layla! My family is from Guayaquil and I came across your site because I wanted to find a good aji recipe. You have provided so much more that I bookmarked your page for future use. Your step-by-step photos are beautiful and inspiring and bring back so many good memories! As you’ve mentioned, there is a habit of explaining recipes by telling someone to just use a “little of this and a little of that”. I’m not very good with those kinds of instructions (which may be disappointing to my mother and aunts who are great cooks), but you’ve given me confidence and hope in carrying on the tradition! I can’t wait to try out your recipes and finally learn to make Fanesca myself for Easter! I know my family and boyfriend (who is from Poland) will be impressed.

    Thanks again.

  267. Layla, I would just like to say you are a goddess!

    Thank you so much for sharing a part of your life and recipes with the world. I love to cook foods from all cultures and yours are wonderful!


  268. I’ve been searching all over for some of these recipes and am so glad that I’ve found your site. I lived in Ecuador for a couple of years and have missed a lot of dishes from there. There are 2 recipes that I still haven’t found and I wonder if you might have any recipes for them:

    1: Humitas. At least I think that’s what they were called. They were a sweet corn cake that was steamed inside of a banana leaf.

    2: I was often served a simple banana with a chocolate sauce on top. The sauce was thick. I’ve tried to just wing it to recreate the sauce, but have yet to get it right.

    Any help would be great, but your site has already been an exciting find.

  269. Your recipes are phenomenal and I can’t wait to start using them. I live in SF and two blocks away from our Ferry Building Farmers Market. I can’t wait to indulge.

  270. Congratulations Laylita, your web site is very cool. Good to know you were born in Ecuador and lived in that small piece of heaven called Vilcabamba. If anybody is interested to know more about Ecuador, I have a web site dedicated to this country and the Galapagos Islands

    Good luck

  271. Dear Laylita…
    This is the best website I’ve found for Ecuadorian cooking!!! My husband is from Ecuador, and we’re married for 20 years, and I’m always trying to make the dishes for him that his mom used to make for him. This is great…great recipes, great pictures…I’m so happy! I’m making the Seco de Pollo tonight for dinner!!!
    Happy Holiday to you and your family!!!
    Sheryl Gomez

  272. Thank you, thank you, Thank you Layla! I regularly check your site for my Ecuadorian boyfriend’s favorite dishes! We love learning to cook all of these new meals together, and we’ve even integrated some of your ideas into our family’s Thanksgiving celebration today!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  273. Hi Laylita,

    Thank you so mucho for the wonderful recipes you have to share. They are all amazing1 I love food, specially Latin food. I was born in Peru and your dishes are similiar to what I used to eat back at home. I do cook some Peruvian dishes on a weekly basis here are my home in Kansas. My kids love my Peruvian dishes. We made some of your recipes and just love it, makes me feel like home when I eat it. I hope some day I can post my Peruvian dishes that my family and I love. My parents still in Peru and when they come and visit, my mother prepares all my favorite dishes.
    Thanks again for sharing your recipes.

  274. I’ve been following your blog for a while now — found it at the From Argentina with Love blogroll, but haven’t made my way to your About page until now. Your site is great and I look forward to more posts.

  275. Hey Layla!

    I’ve been to Vilcabamba! I studied in Ecuador about 10 years ago and I found your site while searching for a recipe for Empanadas de verdes, which was one of my favorite foods while I was there. Muy ricas!

    Thanks for the recipe, I will let you know how they turn out . . . i am clueless on the aji front.

  276. Hola, Laylita

    I can’t tell you how excited I was to find your website! I was also born in Ecuador (Quito), but moved to the U.S. when I was ten, and then to Seattle in the mid-’90s. I have been looking for Ecuadorian food in this city forever and have had no luck. Do you know of any restaurants that serve Ecuadorian – style ceviche (de camarones!), or maybe humitas? I think I’ll have to try half these recipes! It will be nice to get more of a taste of home here in my own kitchen.

    ¡Muchisimas gracias, Laylita!


  277. Hola Laylita,

    Gracias por las recetas serranas!!! I lived in Cuenca for several months with a host family while I was studying there, and I really miss the food. Just tonight my husband and I made mote pillo, and I felt like I was right back with my host parents and host brothers, enjoying some mote pillo in front of a dubbed movie on a Saturday night. :) My husband has also spent some time in Cuenca (we actually went to Quito and Cuenca for our honeymoon this summer!), but he had never eaten mote pillo … I was glad to introduce him to it! One of my other comfort foods from my time in the Sierra is locro de papas … that is how I found your website, and I am so excited to make the locro soon!

    Gracias nuevamente por las recetas fantasticas y las fotos maravillosas!!!


  278. Hi Laylita… I just wanted to thank you for posting such a great site. I recently got back from spending 2 years in Ecuador as a volunteer (I didn’t get sick from the food on the streets either)and have had these habas that I brought home and have been saving for a good occasion. Your site was so helpful and seeing all these Ecaudorian recipes puts such a big smile on my face. Thanks!

  279. Hi Laylita…I saw that you linked my blog here, and so I decided to check your blog too. You have wonderful and interesting recipes! not to mention what a beautiful family you have. May I link back your blog? I have to come back and read some more! :)

    Hi Eliza – Thank you for your comment, I love your blog and would be flattered if you link back. Thanks!

  280. Hi Laylita.. I enjoyed reading you recipes!!! It’s so surprising to find a web page full of Ecuadorian food, since I am Ecuadorian. I currently live in California.. but I go to Guayaquil-Ecuador very often since my family lives there. I was wondering if you got a recipe for Estofado de Pollo, and Arroz con Pollo. I love cooking!! I graduated from a culinary school but I mostly learned to cook American and European food, now I am trying to have my husband taste the Ecuadorian fllavor.. could you help me with those?? Thanks!!

    Hi Belen – Thank you! Arroz con pollo is coming soon, we’ve been testing it these past weeks (I love testing food).

  281. Hi Layla! I wanted to let you know that I recently cooked an Ecuadoran meal for a grad student in my department who is from Ecuador – he actually linked me to your recipes when I asked him what I should make and I posted about it earlier today. I really loved the meal he chose from your site and wanted to let you know! Oh, and he loved it also. I was definitely getting two thumbs up from him!

    Hi HoneyB – Your meal looks great, I definitely recommend trying the guatita (tripe dish) next time – trust me it is amazing!

  282. ecuasteve says:

    Hola Laylita,

    I lived in Guayaquil and some smaller towns in the provinces of Los Rios and Manabi for several years, but haven’t been back since 2002. From time to time I’ve searched for recipes from Ecuador, but I have never found any success. Your website is a true gem. My wife laughs at how excited I get just seeing the photos of encebollado, ceviche, arroz con menestra, and other dishes that I haven’t tasted or even seen for over a half a decade. We will definitely be trying some of these recipes in our home.

    Also, I can’t help but ask if you have a recipe for arroz con pollo? I saw a recipe for arroz con camarones–which is of course similar, and to which I could just make some modifications–but there were many days in Ecuador when a simple arroz con pollo really hit the spot. I know it is a fairly simply recipe with egg and shredded chicken, but that’s about all I can remember! Either way, thank you so much. I cannot express how much finding this website has brightened my day, and I look forward to more recipes in the future.


    Dallas, Texas

    Hi Ecuasteve – Thank you for visiting my website, I’m happy that you like it. The arroz con pollo that you are describing almost sounds like a chaulafan de pollo – which is an Ecuadorian version of chicken fried rice. There are a lot of variations of arroz con pollo througout Ecuador and I have it on my list of things to post by the end of the year and will do so as soon as I can document/test the recipe.

  283. Hola que tal, me escanta haber encontrado tu webside tu no sabes lo feliz que me has hecho porque me facina cocinar siempre ando inventando platillos nuevos y tengo ya se me ha olvidado lo que mi querida tia me enseno en Ecuador, Guayaquil. que felicidad no lo puedo creer me encanta tu pagina VIVA ECUADOR… felicidades

  284. Hello Laylita,

    My daughter is in 5th grade and has chosen Ecuador for her International project. Her grandparents traveled there a few years ago on a mission trip to help build a church in Quito. As part of her project, she is to prepare an authentic dish to share. While researching, we came across your wonderful site with its amazing pictures. My daughter is thinking about preparing your Ecuadorian drinkable fruit salad or perhaps one of your empanada recipes. What recipe would you recommend for a group of fifth graders? There are some picky eaters and a couple of kids with nut allergies in the classroom.

    We both love your site and we would greatly appreciate any recommendation you can provide.

    Clayton, NC

    Hi Wendy – I have a few recommendations based on some of the favorites of my kids and their friends, for empanadas they love the empanadas de viento, which are stuffed with cheese and have a little bit of sugar sprinkled on top (the kids love that part); another favorite is the pan de yuca, which are small breads made from yuca or tapioca starch and cheese; they also really like sweet fried plantains. I’m not so sure about the drinkable fruit salad, my kids love it but I know some kids are picky about fruit. Good luck with the project!

  285. Layla,
    Thanks for making an awesome site. I lived in Ecuador for two years and have been back to visit once. I’m dying to have some encebollado and patacones.

    I will try to find the ingredients and follow your recipes. Maybe I can convince my wife to make them ;)

  286. Hola Layli!

    You cannot imagine how proud I feel of being your friend!!!
    Everytime I see your site I get so excited and lots of very nice memories of our beloved Ecuador come to my mind… thank you for the recipes, not only are pictures amazing but the food also tastes sooo delicious!!!
    Take care!


    Hola Iva! Thank you for your comments, now I just need to get you to contribute some recipes!

  287. layla do you know how to make espumilla? the real kind the one they sell on the street outside el mercado or colgios. i havent found any good ones.

    Hi Connie – Thanks for visiting the site, I love Cuenca, I have great memories of trips there with high school friends! I haven’t made espumillas in so long (since high school actually) but will experiment a little bit and post a recipe one of these days.

  288. layla i love your site! My mother and father are from cuenca, i was born in new york but spent 3 years on and off living in cuenca. i love cuenca so much… and the food is amazing. Everytime i visit your page i get so excited and show the pictures to my boyfriend and end up telling him a long story about how yummy what we are looking at is.

  289. Hola Layla,

    Impresionante! Tu sitio web es realmente impresionante… Me encanta la fotografia… Estaba buscando una receta para la masa de empanadas para celebrar el 18 de Septiembre (soy chilena y vivo en Vancouver). Nunca he tenido una buena receta para la masa. Voy a probar la tuya… pero aparte de eso encontre las humitas, que siempre trato de explicar a la gente lo ricas que son. Ahora los puedo mandar a tu pagina y asi pueden ver de que se trata. Beautiful! En realidad es un sitio web con miles de yummy things para probar, me encanto… Felicitaciones! Y gracias…


    Hola Cecilia – Gracias por la visita y por el comentario! Tu pagina de pasteleria esta preciosa! Que rico!

  290. Stumbled across your site searching for a churrasco recete! You’ve done an amazing job with the detailed step-by-step instructions and great recipes!! Much appreciated! :)

    I’m Peruvian (raised here) my husband is Ecuadorian (raised in Quito,) and we live in Kirkland – so, it was a surprise to read you’re local! He’s a chef, but mostly French cuisine, so I’m excited to surprise him with your postings.

    Can’t wait to see what you post next! Saludos!

    Hi Saralina – that’s great that you’re local – we need to get together and discuss who makes the best ceviche, Ecuadorians or Peruvians ;)

  291. Hi Layla,

    I’m so happy I found a website like yours. I was born in Ecuador and even though my family came to the US when I was a baby, my mom has always kept the Ecuadorian cuisine alive at home! Now that I live on my own, I sometimes crave for mom’s home-cooked meals and thanks to your site, it will definitely help me satisfy those insane cravings like seco de pollo. Thanks again!!

    And yes, plantains forever!!

  292. Mantamoderno says:

    Thanks for a rare and wonderful Ecua-recipe site! Remember – we’re all “American” – North and Central and South!

    Plantains forever!

  293. Hello Layla – a quick note to thank you so much for putting together such a great website.

    As so many others have commented, your writing style is very accessible and the excellent photographs help to envision what lies ahead in the process of preparing each recipe.

    I grew up eating my mother’s Colombian food, and have been fortunate to travel throughout much of Latin America. I came across your site while searching for a recipe for Ecuadoran llapingachos and am excited to have found recipes for so many favorite foods from my travels.

    Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into this site. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

    Cambridge, MA

  294. Oh, and the background information you have at the beginning of a lot of the recipes is also really interesting and appreciated.
    I’m from Kentucky, by the way.

  295. Hi! I went with a class to Ecuador earlier this summer and I had to do a creative project that related to the trip when I came back. I chose to prepare a meal of Ecuadorian foods, and I used several of the recipes on your site. Everything came out beautiful and delicious. Your pictures helped me a lot, and everything looks so wonderful on your site.

    I also have to create a webpage about the trip, and I put links to the recipes I used on there…I hope that you don’t mind. (I’m still working on the page, but it has to be done by this Monday, so if you check back then, it should be finished! It’s the web address I listed above.)
    Muchas gracias una vez mas para las recetas!

    Hi Jo – thank you for your comments, your project sounds like fun and I’m happy that you were able to use the recipes here.

  296. Thalia Loor says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This must is one of the best resources for ecuadorian dishes I’ve seen! Everything looks sooo good and I can’t wait to try many of the dishes here. Yu have done a wonderful job with this site.

  297. katiegolightly says:

    Thank you for welcoming me! What a gorgeous site. WOW. I found it though while on a 14 day fast and if that wasn’t some kind of torture. haha

    Hey if anyone knows what the soup is up at the top w/ the avocado chunks in it, I’d love to know. Can’t seem to find that recipe on the site.

    Can’t wait to try some of these gorgeous recipes!

    Katie in AZ

    Hi Katie – Just in case you’re still looking for the soup, it is a potato soup called locro de papas, the recipe is here: http://laylita.com/recipes/2008/01/08/locro-de-papa-creamy-potato-soup-with-cheese/

  298. Gustavo says:

    Me encanta su blog de recetas, me gusta cocinar tanbien. Estoy mui ocupado pero cuando tengo tiempo me gusta estudiar recetas y cocinar.

    Muchas gracias por su blog. Saludos

    Gustavo De San Diego Cali

  299. Hello Layla.. a fellow ecuadorian writing here. (from the coast, Guayaquil to be more specific)
    I love your recipes; I love cooking and I will try to make some for my husband soon
    Keep writing



  300. Thank you, Ann. The soup at the top is a potato soup called locro de papas, the recipe is here: http://laylita.com/recipes/2008/01/08/locro-de-papa-creamy-potato-soup-with-cheese/

  301. Hi Layla,
    Wow! I love your site!
    I found it when I was looking into healthy foods and they directed me to your emapanadas with swiss chard and beets and goat cheese. What a beautiful “mistake.” I am curious about a soup(?) at the top of the page with cheese and avacado slices…where/what is this recipe?
    In searching for it, I have looked at quite a bit of your site, fantastic. I love the pictures, directions and clarity of the recipe. If you translate from Spanish, you do and excellent job
    Thank you for a great site, I will mark it as one of my favorites!

  302. Hi Renee, Thank you for visiting and for you comments! There’s a subscribe option on the sidebar (towards the top) on the main page, you can also subscribe thru the register option under Meta (at the bottom of the sidebar).

    Hi Jessica – Thank you for stopping by, ayacas and humitas coming soon (I was going to make humitas this weekend but the weather has been way too nice to stay inside). Pictures at the top from left to right: pan de yuca or yuca bread, locro de papas or potato soup, seco de pollo or chicken stew with rice, and flan de coco or coconut flan.

  303. Jessica says:

    Laylita – thank you so much for a wonderful site! The recipes are fantastic – I cna’t wait to get cooking. Two tiny requests: can you identify the pictures at the top? they look deliicous! and: ayacas and humitas pretty please!!!

  304. This is by far one of the best food blogs I have ever seen, and I highly recommend that you publish a book. I would buy it in a heartbeat.

    Thank you and keep it coming!

    P.S. Is there any way to subscribe to your blog?

  305. Hola
    Soy nuevo en este blog, dejame felicitarte primero por la linda familia que posees y segundo por la extraordinaria idea de realizar una web con recetas de la grandiosa comida ecuatoriana, he aprendido a realizar unos platos que a mi familia les ha encantado, en lo particular me encanta la cocina, espero poder colaborar enviandote recetas para que las puedas publicar luego, me gustaría saber donde enviartelas.
    nuevamente GRACIAS por hacer sentir a los ecuatorianos residentes en otros países, que su patria los quiere y a los que aún estamos en Ecuador, saber que existen personas como tú que les das aliento, aunque sea en la cocina.

    Guayaquil – Ecuador

  306. Felicitaciones, esta web esta genial un amigo mío le envió unas cuantas recetas más, espera haber podido ayudar a incrementar las recetas que posee, y mis felicitaciones muy sinceras, pues en lo particular me ha enseñado a cocinar.
    Jack Guayaquil – Ecuador

  307. In Ecuador we say that each person adds their own “sazon” – literally means seasoning – to a recipe, but it also means that you add a little of yourself to the recipe, and of course within a family it is common for a mother and daughter to have a similar “sazon” that they add to their cooking. One of the “challenges” of posting an Ecuadorian recipe with precise quantities and ingredients is that we usually don’t cook like that, an Ecuadorian style recipe is: “add some of this, some of that, cook it, add some more of X” and then each person adjusts it based on their “sazon” and “gusto”. So, use my recipes as a base and feel free to make adjustments based on your “sazon”.

  308. Laylita,
    I love your website. It is soooo easy to understand and the pictures help so much. By the way, you have nice photography. My father is from Ecuador and so my Mom, who is from El Salvador, picked up many Ecuadorian recipes from my grandmother that I grew up on as a child. Like you mention, there are so many ways and styles to prepare the different Ecuadorian dishes. Typical dishes like seco de pollo, I learned differently to make. Of course these were recipes passed on from generation to generation and somewhere in the passing, I am sure the recipes changes with each persons unique touch. I am so excited about your recipes and I am going to start adding some of the ingredients that you mention which my Mother never used in many typical recipes. I will surprise her with a better taste to her own recipes.
    Thanks a million and keep on posting please!!!
    You have a beautiful family.

  309. I LOVE your website!!! I freaked out when I saw all the recipies that you had posted! I was born and raised in Ecuador and there really is nothing like Ecuadorian food. I went back this past July for the first time after 4 years and I COULD NOT get enough of the food there.
    Thanks for working on these recipies and posting them!


  310. Kerry Kurchak says:

    I just wanted to say that I just stumbled upon your site and it is fantastic! I was an Rotary International Exchange student in 1976-77 in Puerto Viejo, and there were a few recipes here that brought back some wonderful memories. I really had to get used to the cheese and goat milk when I lived there, but the fresh fruit was awesome and most of the dishes were spectacular. While I was there, I think we only used the oven once and that was when I made a breaded chicken. A walk down memory lane.

    Que bueno!


  311. Awesome site – I never realised you were Seattle based. I am from England, and now reside in Seattle, with a food blog.

    Great food on your site – really great food.



  312. Hi Layla,

    I live in the UK and stumbled across your site when searching for new and exciting recipes to go into a local magazine that I put together. Its a new publication and very local to my area 15,000 copies to local homes and features local news etc – each month I like to put in a few recipes, but am always on the look out for food that is different and interesting. I would love to feature some of your recipes and pictures – and would be more than happy to credit them with your website if you would agree?

    I love the way you write your recipes and I think it is very appealing to your average person, I am always scared by recipe books that are formal and boring and think my readers would love your ideas.

    I eagerly await your response,

    Kindest Regards


  313. Hi Claire, Thank you for your comment, I am anxiously waiting for the summer to get fresh corn and make humitas! I will let you know as soon as I post the recipe.

  314. Layla! I am loving your blog, as I lived in Cuenca and traveled Ecuador (Vilcabamba y Loja included!) I fell in love with a myriad of Ecuatoriano specialities that your website has helped me re-create for my family and friends back in the states. The one thing that is missing though…humitas! If there were anyway you could post a sweet & moist humita rellena de queso recipe, I’d be eternally grateful! Thanks so much for the awesome work you’re doing and I agree whole-heartedly with your naranjilla statement!

  315. You are a very talented cook, writer, and photographer. Your family is lucky to have you! You should publish. I will be back. :)

  316. Hola Layla,
    You have a beautiful blog — you’ve done a lovely job on both the text and the pictures. I’m going to add a link to your blog on mine (Eat Real, http://www.realfoodforrealpeople.blogspot.com). I look forward to reading more!

    All best,
    Sandy Smith

  317. Hello!

    My name is Inese and I work for the Latvian Fisheries and Marketing Centre. We are popularizing the heartiness of fish products in our homepage http://www.edzivis.lv. I would like to ask your permission for republishing some recipies and photos from your homepage, of course with putting references to your site.

    Best regards,

    Inese Caune

  318. Hi, I was probably running in dumb mode and didn’t realize until now that your main page is in English. Way cool. Congrats again
    Don Lucho

  319. Hi Farida, I need to add that option. I just have the feed subscription right now (http://laylita.com/recipes/feed/), but I can add you manually to the subscriber list until I get that set up. Thank you.

  320. Layla, how do I subscribe to your page? I can’t find Posts RSS.

  321. Hi Beth, Thank you for your comments. Chicha de jora is made from fermented corn so it has that fermented taste, and you can use it for the stew, you can also use the chicha limena, but since it has added spices you might adjust the amount of spices and panela you use.

  322. I just love your site! Ther recipes are fascinating and the photos are both instructive and tempting. I tried the goat stew with some meat from my local farmer’s market. I used a cup of passion fruit juice instead of naranjillo and beer instead of chicha–trying to keep it local out here in the burbs, ya know. It was so good I thought I’d go for authentic ingredients at the international supermarket 18 miles away. They had something called “chicha de jora” (tastes like vinegar; is it vinegar? is it spoiled?) and also “chicha limena” (it’s pretty–made with purple corn–fruity, spiced, sweet). Is either of these products what I need to make the goat stew?

  323. Hi Ariel, I have llapingachos on my list of recipes to post soon. The roasted crunchy corn is called tostado, and I’ve been told that you can find Peruvian maiz cancha in the US and use it make the tostado, I need to do some more research on the process.

  324. Oh hooray! A blog on Ecuadorian cooking. I can’t tell you how thrilled I was to find this! I lived down in Cuenca for a few months while in college, and find myself craving a little sierra food now and then. Your pictures are lovely, and your recipes look delicious. I’ve bookmarked your site for sure! If you are ever at a loss for something to write up, I’d love to get my hands on a great llapingachos (sp?) recipe, or one for the roasted, crunchy puffed corn they sell at all the street side vendors (kind of like cornnuts, but much tastier!). I swear living in Cuenca I gained 10 pounds just from the empanada lady that sold those amazing chicken empanadas on the corner. WOW. Amazing. Thanks again for the great site!

  325. Hi Layla,

    I was very excited when I came across your website. My husband and I are currently in the process of adopting children from Ecuador and I have been searching for authentic recipes. Your site will be a great resource for me as I want to incorporate Ecuadorian culture into our everyday life for our children. Thank you!


  326. Marco astudillo says:

    Hi when you going to have a book to buy
    viva Ecuador

  327. Christa, Thank you for the sweet comments! I’m really flattered by everything you say and am glad that the recipes are working for you. I love food, I love photography, I love Ecuador and South America and I think that there are so many culinary treasures in these places that the rest of world doesn’t know about and I wanted to share these recipes. Also like many Ecuadorians who live outside of the country I miss the food and was frustrated with the lack of photos and clear recipe instructions online. Umm, not so sure about the writing, I’m not particularly confident there, but I try and I guess the practice is working (my thing was always the reading and not really the writing).

  328. Layla,

    I must compliment you on the new look and layout of your website. I am 62 years old and thought i had seen it all..but your photos and step-by-step instructions are something i have never seen. Your website is outrageously inspiring to me, and the fact that you include personal stories and experiences makes me feel like I know you. Your writing is wonderful, your recipes exceptional, and your mouth-watering photos just make me want to fix whatever you are displaying. My son’s name is Marc, too; he will turn 40 this year. Not only are you a good cooker, you are beautiful. I can see why Nicolas was attracted to you. I love your website. Pregunta: whatever made you decide to start this project? and where did you get the gift of written communication? As you probably know, you are the only person that posts authentic and do-able(sp?) Ecuadorian recipes. Please keep them coming. Our Ecuadorian friends are wondering where I picked up the skills of Ecuadorian cooking. Shall I share the secret?


  329. Hi Layla,

    I just came across your site… I love it. I am a food fanatic, and love to cook for my husband. We have been married for a couple of months, and I am intrudicing him to my country’s food, he is colombian, so it is not too hard. Finally, I am definately going to try the Fanesca. Usually my mother does it, but this year, it is my husband and I, so it will be my first time. Hopefully I can buy all the ingredients neede… let’s see!

    Thanks so much for your site!


  330. Hi Layla,
    I am crazy for your blog, it is so fantastic!


  331. hey layla, thanks for dropping by and commenting on my photo. loved to discover your blog as well. great stuff. do you mind if i link to your blog? great source of inspiration :)

  332. Thank you, Gunter. Have a great time in Ecuador!

  333. Hello Layla,

    congratulation to this excellent web site. The way you describe the food and of course the pictures of it are wonderful! I get hungry, when I just read it. Please continue because I know that Iva will definetly try something out from you recipe book.

    Many thanks and greetings from Vienna,


    PS: We are back to Ecuador for vacation next Week, Feb. 6th 2008!

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