Creamy avocado salad dressing

Creamy avocado salad dressing {with lime and cilantro}

Easy recipe for a creamy avocado salad dressing made with ripe avocado, cilantro, lime, olive oil, and hot peppers for a spicy version or green bell pepper for a non-spicy variation. [read more]
Cilantro lime rice

Cilantro lime rice {Arroz con cilantro}

Easy and simple recipe for homemade Latin style cilantro lime rice. [read more]
Ginger simple syrup recipe

Spiced ginger simple syrup

Easy recipe for homemade spiced ginger simple syrup. Made with sugar, water, fresh ginger, cinnamon, cloves, and all spice. [read more]
Frozen melon ball ice cubes

Melon ball ice cubes

How to make round fruity ice cubes using melon balls. You can make melon ball ice cubes with watermelon, cantaloupe, and/or honeydew melon. [read more]
Strawberry infused tequila

Strawberry infused tequila

Recipe for strawberry infused tequila with easy instructions on how to prepare your own homemade strawberry infused tequila. [read more]
Balsamic vinegar reduction

Balsamic vinegar reduction

Easy recipe for homemade balsamic vinegar reduction, a concentrated and thickened version of balsamic vinegar that is perfect for drizzling on salads and vegetables, or to use as a glaze for meats. [read more]
Chimichurri recipe

Traditional chimichurri sauce

Traditional chimichurri recipe made with parsley, oregano, garlic, onion, red pepper, vinegar and oil. [read more]
Dulce de leche recipe

Manjar or dulce de leche

Recipe for homemade manjar or dulce de leche, a traditional Latin dessert made by caramelizing milk and sugar. [read more]
Mignonette recipe

Mignonette or French shallot vinaigrette

Easy recipe for mignonette sauce, a French shallot vinaigrette for raw oysters on the half shell. [read more]
How to open oysters

How to open oysters

Step by step instructions with photos on how to open or shuck oysters [read more]
Salsa de ciruelas pasas or prune sauce

Salsa de ciruelas or prune sauce

Salsa de ciruelas or prune sauce made with prunes, red wine, port, shallots, and balsamic vinegar. This sauce goes great with turkey, pork, chicken, duck and other meats. [read more]
Tart dough recipe

How to make sweet tart dough

Basic recipe for making homemade sweet tart dough [read more]
Sweet crème fraîche sauce recipe

Honey crème fraîche sauce

Sweet cream topping sauce made with honey and crème fraîche. [read more]
Agrio for hornado

Agrio sauce

Agrio is a tangy sauce made especially to accompany traditional pork dishes, especially hornado or roasted pork. [read more]
Miel de panela or miel de caña

Miel de panela {Piloncillo syrup}

Miel de panela or miel de caña is a sweet syrup made from panela or piloncillo. It is used as a sweetener for drinks and also in a variety of Latin American desserts. [read more]
Panela or piloncillo

Panela or Piloncillo 101

Panela, also known as piloncillo, raspadura, chancaca, is unprocessed brown sugar that is made by boiling sugarcane juice into a thick syrup and then cooling it down. [read more]

Homemade aioli

Aioli is a French/Spanish mayonnaise type sauce made from crushed garlic, egg yolk and olive oil. [read more]
Cancha or maiz tostado

Maiz tostado or South American cancha corn nuts

Maiz tostado, also known as cancha or chulpi, is a South American snack made by toasting cancha or chulpe corn. [read more]
Boiled mote or hominy

Mote or hominy

Basic instructions for cooking mote or hominy. [read more]
Chimichurri sauce recipe

Balsamic chimichurri sauce

Recipe for a balsamic chimichurri sauce made with oregano, parsley, garlic, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, chili powder, and green onions. [read more]