Ecuadorian Street Food

Here are the recipes for some of the most popular street food dishes in Ecuador.
Carne en palito o pinchos de res: Carne en palito are thin pieces of meat seasoned with garlic, achiote and cumin and grilled on skewers.

Ceviche de chochos: A vegetarian ceviche made with chocho beans, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, limes, oranges and tomato sauce. It is served with maiz tostado, chifles or plantain chips, avocados and hot sauce.

Chifles: Chifles or tajadas are chips made by frying green plantains or green bananas.

Choclo asado con salsa de queso: Grilled corn with a cilantro queso fresco sauce

Empanadas de viento: Empanadas de viento are Ecuadorian empanadas stuffed with cheese and onion, then fried and sprinkled with sugar.

Espumillas: A popular street food in Ecuador, this dessert is a meringue cream made with fruit pulp, typically guava or guayaba, egg whites and sugar.

Salchipapas: Salchipapas or French fries with fried hot dog sausages are a very typical and popular Ecuadorian street food.